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Your Earliest Memory, Story, #Write31

Today the two prompts fit together perfectly.
What's your earliest memory? and the word Story.
Here goes five minutes...

I have two earliest memories. The place my story starts in my mind's memory bank.
They are both lovely memories.  I'm so thankful.

My first memory is standing in my parents living room resting my hand against their old early nineties print couch. It's tan and flecked with burgundy and royal blue.  The sunlight is streaming in warming up the early Saturday morning.  I'm by myself in the room.  I'm watching some children's Christian television show.  It's a show I've watched many times I'm sure, but this moment begins my memories because on this Saturday it was significant.  I pray at the closing of the television show.  I pray a simple prayer to receive Christ.  To have my sins forgiven. To live in Heaven forever with Jesus.
It is a simple few moments on a Saturday.  I'm only four.
I remember a feeling of peace and joy.  I…

Favorite Family Traditions , #Write31

Favorite Family Tradition

I’m thankful to say I cannot name a favorite family tradition.There’s way too many to choose from.
Some are very simple and happen weekly. In my own family I enjoy our family dinners we have on most Mondays and Tuesday nights.We started this last year and it’s been a regular part of our lives. The two nights a week when we all try to eat together. No in front of the television eating. No cell phones. We all help with clean up and we all share the rose of our day.Even toddler Mac.His rose is always, “playing with Maya” our neighbor.
Some traditions come around once a year. Usually seasonal, birthday, or holiday related.
In my family of origin, I always looked forward to the annual Christmas Party my parents would host.None of our family ever came to our home for a holiday.They all lived a state away. We always spent much of our times on holidays in the car driving from one house to the other.Listening to Jingle Bell Rock and Silver Bells over and over.Sleeping i…

Most Memorable Moment, #Write 31

My Most Memorable Moment

After reading this prompt I felt memories land gently in my mind like fast falling snowflakes.As soon as one would land another would drop unexpectedly.All melting fading with the next memory.How do you describe your most memorable moment? There are too many.Like snowflakes thousands thick life has so many different memories to choose from.All different and representative of a different moment.
Many of the moments that fell were bad and thankfully evaporated with the next.Pain has a way of lodging itself deeply within recesses of your memory. They sent shocks and shivers of cold. There were loud vivid moments of milestones, days of sweetness, and moments etched in beauty. So many different people and places and years. These brought warmth and smiles.
Yet the flakes that kept falling and landing solidly in my mind were the moments of the day I met Meredith.
That day turned out completely not at all as I had pictured it would be.It sat in stark contrast to anythi…