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My little Guide

I smiled at this word prompt. Guide. I knew immediately what to write about...
My little Guide...

Yesterday I sat sitting quietly alone.  Considering the day ahead my brain still cloudy, sleepy.
My girls had just left for school and what next....
I heard the familiar command in our house call to me from upstairs,
"Mama see!"
I smiled. Its the phrase I hear oh so many times throughout the day.
I moved to the stairs and found my boy smiling and holding his hands outstretched reaching for mine.
"Mama see!" Is the go to phrase of the phase he's in.
He is expressing new thoughts and speaking new words.
He is trying new things and demanding that they are noticed.
More than anything he wants everyone to see him. To pause. To stop. To put the weight of their full gaze on him...

This phrase flows like a rhythm throughout the day...
Calling my attention to
...his small legs speeding down cracked sidewalks on his tricycle
...his brave boy voice shouting as  he runs towar…


A couple of weeks ago we were in that slice of summer that tucks you away from reality and covers you with sunshine and solace from the outside world.
We were on vacation.
The place : Hilton Head, South Carolina. Where the buildings are all neutral and hidden in plazas and strip malls. Bicycle wheels spinning up and down streets as this is a popular mode of transportation.
We spent the last of July soaking up the searing sun poolside or beachside and then couch-side recovering from all of the rich food we consumed. My mom spent most of her vacation cooking. She couldn't be persuaded to take it easy and made feasts for us every night.
We watched little boy enjoy the pool despite his pink floaties courtesy of his sissies.
We watched him revel in the tide chasing his baby feet. Laughing freely as his dad held him fast against his chest as the waves knocked into them.
He kept pointing at the ocean and telling us, "The Big Waa" (his word for water).
We judged countless dives …


Last week I read an eye opening article.  The article was on literacy and children.  A study points to something other than sight words and alphabet recognition to literacy success.
Kate-Koch Sundquist writes, "The best indicator of future success as a reader is actually a child’s ability to use invented spelling as he writes."
My eyes widened.  I was expecting to read that parents reading to their children daily was the key.  Or perhaps an exposure to wide variety of books. I wasn't expecting to be reading about inventive spelling.
My mind instantly pictured Moriah, my four year old.
Golden head bent over she focuses long on a drawing and usually includes letters that seem out of order to summarize what she has drawn.
She comes to me with her story.  She usually asks me to read what she has written.  I smile and think of how I'll correctly read her collection of letters.  They are usually real letters, but they are definitely out of order. Sometimes I can decipher…