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Thrown Together

Last Tuesday it didn't really feel like the fourth of July.
Our oldest and chief bearer of enthusiasm was at camp and the day was pretty quiet.
She would have been the cheerleader championing a party or maybe a day at the pool and then counting down the minutes until we went to a fireworks show.
As the day waxed on our plans were cancelled for an afternoon cookout. 
That was actually fine with me.
I felt kinda tired and perfectly fine with not doing much of anything.
Then four o'clock rolled around and my parents called.
A few conversations and minutes later a dinner was thrown together.
"You have chicken?"
"Yes, and you have buns?"
"Please bring pickles. Oh...and maybe a bottle of oil."
"Stop and get some tea and some steak fries."
Conversations went on between my parents, my husband, my sister and I.
We all put our heads and supplies together and made a super simple supper.
Within an hour we were all bumping into each other in my small kitchen making a quick dinner of barbequed chicken sandwiches and homemade onion rings and fried pickles.
Neighborhood kids encircled the table with us and we all shared a simple fast thrown together feast.

Sometimes life hands you little moments like that.
Thrown together time when your house is messy and you haven't prepared for fun, and yet it shows up anyways.
You say yes and everyone is blessed.
Barbeque sticky fingers and the air thickly scented with fried onion rings.
Lots of loud kid laughter.
As soon as everyone had come and downed their food, they all scattered.  We did have prior plans to meet friends for fireworks.
Grabbing the diaper bag and leaving our house drenched in the smell of fried food we got into the car
I looked down at my shirt and realized I should have changed.  Not only did I smell like fried onion rings,little splatters of oil dotted my previously nice shirt. 
As soon as we pulled into the parking lot meeting our friends the skies opened up and let out long pent up rain.
My husband found a pop up tent in the back of the Suburban ( I forgot was in there intermingled with the jungle of beach chairs)
Two minutes later, two families huddled together under the not planned for tent enjoying fireworks exploding all over the deepening dark rainy sky.
Kids flashing glow sticks.
The air thick with the smell of smoke.
Five little girls climbed back and forth in the trunk of the suburban the lift gate shielding them from the storm.
Exclamations from little girl voices peppered the night air. "I like that firework the best!"
"It's too loud!" As hands flew over little ears.
"No this one is my favorite!" Fingers traced the patterns of chalky reds and bright blue piercing the darkness.
The whole day had been kind of thrown together, but it worked.
Sometimes being unexpectedly thrown together with a group of people in varying circumstances makes for fun.
Even if it is impromptu fried pickles and fireworks under the pouring rain. 

I think the storm only added to their firework excitement

Here is the link for the onion "straws" we have been making this summer.  Easy recipe and so yum.
I have thinly sliced the onions to achieve the straws and it works perfectly.  This time we thickened the onion and the method worked great too!


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