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Slow - Five Minute Fridays

Interruptions slow.
Interruptions are detours that weave you through backstreets like stray ribbons.
Sometimes backstreets refresh.  You see different parts of the neighborhoods you pass every day.
I'm okay with detours if I'm not in a mad rush to get somewhere.
We get figurative detours almost every day.
Perhaps not roads that twist us through communities and thwart our fast attempts to get to our destination. Extra tasks emerge that we weren't expecting, lost items to search for, or perhaps a sweet friend on our doorstep. 
Wednesday found me mentally checking off items in my head.  I had seemed to be more productive than usual. 
I started to walk down stairs to grab towels out of the dryer quickly so that I could make a trip to the grocery store.  I heard my name being called.
"Hey Somer!" I heard a recognizable voice call out through the noise of my chattering four year old and one year old. 
I walked back upstairs and saw my sweet friend Rachelle in my living room.
"There was a detour on my way home. It put me right by your house. I thought I'd stop by and see you." She explained.
I felt a smile stretch across my face.
My brain that was spinning fast to get everything done braked.
"I guess I won't finish that list today." I thought to myself knowing that a visit with her would probably take up the rest of the time I had left before I needed to leave for church.
"Would you like some tea or coffee? " I asked putting down whatever cluttered my hands.
We curled up on the couch while my kids occupied themselves.
I got to hear from her.
We talked about her classes, her job, her family, recipes, and several other items that filled up every last second of time.
Half way through my one year old felt so relaxed that he crawled up in my lap and fell asleep, lulled by our conversation and the drizzly weather. 
Rarely does he ever fall asleep in my lap.
Clasping him against my chest, feeling the rise and fall of his breath, and listening to Rachelle laugh and explain plot lines of books and shows was pleasant and peaceful.  Slow.
When it was time for me to dash off to church I got up satisfied. I was happy that my afternoon had slowed and handed me two hours with hot tea and a sweet friend.
Sometimes detours and interruptions are the perfect things to slow down time and quiet your heart.
I just have to embrace the interruption as something meant for me and decide to enjoy it.


  1. This beautiful, Somer. I am glad that you were blessed with such a sweet break with your friend and your little ones. He gives us just what we need when we need it.

  2. Glad you made the choice to enjoy that unexpected interruption. What a delight.

  3. I love these unexpected interruptions and detours. They are the best kind! Such a good reminder.

  4. "I just have to embrace the interruption as something meant for me and decide to enjoy it." This totally resonates with me. I'm currently challenging myself this year to enjoy the pause. I'm at #60 at the linkup.

  5. Hi Somer,
    I must admit I'm not good with interruptions that get in the way of my schedule or to-do list. I've been considering the thought that Jesus was the most interruptible person that ever walked our planet -- he was constantly being stopped on his way somewhere and he always graciously attended to the person in front of him -- what an example for us! I love how you connected with your friend and felt energized and renewed in the midst of a busy day. Love to you! xoxo


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