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Middle - Five Minute Fridays

After reading the word middle I thought of my dinner last night.  It was filled with middle goodness.
My sister made me a simple, but decadent sandwich.
Toast wearing so much golden butter served as the envelope carrying a sweet savory middle: brie cheese and freshly made blackberry jam.
When I first sunk my teeth past the warm toast, sweet, but tart blackberries and creamy brie cheese surprised me. They suited each other well.  The sandwich was very rich so it was a bit hard to finish, but very satisfying too.
The goodness was the middle.
Later we sliced into miniature molten lava cakes and more flavors flowed straight from the middle.
We couldn't eat much savoring a couple of rich bites.  I chose my bites from the middle.  The middle where the chocolate soaks the cake.  The best part.
Most of life seems to be found in the middle.
Like the toast that brackets or holds the sandwich's contents, major life events or victories don't make up most of our days.  Our days are m…

Snow Days

I see her peeking behind her screened door.  It's early in the morning.  She's cradling a cup in her hands and still wearing her pink pajama bottoms. She's looking for signs of life or rather awakened life stirring at my house.  Just across the street.
She's our little nine year old neighbor. 
It's not your typical Tuesday.  It's a snow day Tuesday.  Which means in a couple of hours my house and her house will become the shared playground for the afternoon.
There are already snow boot tracks criss crossing through both yards.  There have been hours of Barbies played, countless cups of hot chocolate, many loads of wet snow clothes spinning dry, and lots of movies shared. 
Thankfully on snow days my girls usually sleep in.  A bit longer than our neighbor.  Just give it a couple hours and the house will be a hub of activity and brainstorming.
Yesterday I felt a bit of tension as I surveyed just how many activities were spread across the house.  I couldn't…

Holidays Can Hold

The holidays have all blurred by and January has opened up a new year.
I wanted to try to remember, pause or reflect on what filled up our holidays, but I never stopped while they sped on.
Too many things to keep track of.  All of the special events, family gatherings, and traditions that splatter the end of November through December calendar.
It seems like so many people have had a hard year.
I seemed to have heard it everywhere and from people I hadn't expected.  So many problems.  So many obstacles.  So many question marks.
The reasons are numerous and varied, but I haven't known too many people that hailed 2016 as a sunshine soaked year.
It just seemed like an arduous year that had to be plodded and waded through with periodic times of refreshment or load lightening here and there.  For the most part, it's not one I would ever wish to repeat.
As Thanksgiving approached and Christmas unfolded, I found that the holidays can hold.
When life has been rough and worn you …