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Saturday Spending

Saturday reminds me of that crips $100 dollar bill in your wallet.  It's the best offering of the week.  Usually.
It affords us with the promise of perhaps the most unfettered time with people we love, friends, our kids, or time to spend catching up on everything that has been left off during the week.
I say that is usually the case.  I realize lots of people work on Saturdays.  I know for years I felt like my husband never actually had Saturday off.  We would get a few moments squeezed out of a Saturday, but never a full Saturday at our disposal.
If Saturday means you are off from work and present for your kids, your spouse, and your life then seriously ponder how you will spend it wisely.
Many years ago I heard how many Saturdays we have during the span of childhood.  I had forgotten.  Harley A. Rotbart M.D. tells us the facts in No Regrets Parenting:  There are 940 Saturdays from birth to college.  If you have a five year old you have already spent 260 Saturdays.
Before reading this book I had been thinking a lot about the importance of Saturdays, but it felt confirmed to me in a big way. After reading these numbers it further confirmed to me how intentional I need to be about crafting moments that add up to something meaningful in the Saturdays of our lives.
Time is precious and also fleeting.  So now what to do about it? We can't hold onto time.  It's fast flying by.
We have to try to consciously spend our time in ways that it matters.  Almost like making a wise investment.  Will the way we spend a Saturday actually produce dividends in our lives and the lives of our children later?  Or will it sink into the oblivion of white noise time.  Are the minutes mostly  activity and lots of distraction without content and connection?  That's an easy way to spend the moments.
I think we have to think of time in terms of spending because if we aren't careful to budget time we start spending it in ways that we can't afford.  Ways that rob us because we assume we have  much more time than we actually possess.  We waste and squander time believing it is endless.

One thing I've decided about parenting is that there is no right way or style to parent.
I know many times I haven't been confident in my parenting because I feel like I'm not doing it the right way or I'm an incompetent mother.  That insecurity can hold me back and rob me of joy.
Recently I honestly said, "You know you may not find much to be confident about, but if you are honest you try to give your kids your best and they know it. You are a good mom."  I spoke the words out loud and they sounded foreign.  Weird.  Kind of like something I wanted to be true, but never was sure of. I said the words aloud again.  I let them settle over me.
The next few days I found myself telling a down trodden friend the same words.  "Well, you may not have everything together.  No one does.  But you are a great mother.  You can be confident of that.  You truly are.  You need to be confident of that. Your kids love you. " She smiled and nodded a halting agreement with those words.  Like she too was a bit timid to claim them.
Now that I established that fact it leaves me feeling like I can add to that foundation. I've given myself permission to be confident in that.  That's helpful.
I am a mother that tries hard to create a beautiful life for her kids and yet perhaps making the most of Saturdays will only help me more. I love to be a mom and want to do the best for my kids.  How can making the most of time aide me in that goal?

How do you spend your Saturdays?
What is the niche where your come alive to your children and are all in and all there?
What is your way, avenue, and path to reach their hearts and love them?
My ways look different than your ways.
I struggle with certain forms, but I really like drawing time, parks and picnics, and reading time. Or simply undivided conversations. I like to give a back rub or brush my girls hair.  I like to take them for a treat or simply wander the aisles of Target and let them come up with all of the ways they could use this toy, this product, these art supplies.
I remember my mom always connected with cooking or shopping time with my sister and I.
Some people enjoy making things with their hands, gardening perhaps.
Recently, my oldest girl sat clipping construction paper into different shapes.  I saw her and asked her what she was doing.
"Oh you remember that guy?  The guy we studied?  I am making shapes like him?"
Recollection flickered in my eyes, "Yes. Matisse." I nodded thinking back to the story books filled with brilliant colors and interesting shapes.
"I'm making these like him.  I'm going to take them to art class.  You reading us those stories  mattered."
I was gently happy.  I hadn't expected a story from two summers to come back to my oldest, but I realized in that small moment that invested time matters and molds us.  Time shapes us, just like it shapes mountains, canyons, and the very earth.  Wisely spent time creates new wrinkles in our minds, sparkles in our eyes, and sparks love in our hearts.
I close with this passage of scripture.  It's always seemed very sobering to me.  Psalm 90:12 describes the weighty importance of contemplating the time, our time,
"Teach us to number out days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom."  
Snapshot of Saturday Afternoon:
What my Saturday looked like this week 


  1. Lovely! Looks like your Saturday was so fun.
    Thank you Somer for taking time to visit the blog earlier
    Blessings to you


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