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31 Days of Free Writes # Walk

31 Days of Free Writes

Every October bloggers from everywhere participate in a thirty one day writing challenge. 
You can pick a theme, a series, or you can participate in 31 Days of Free Writing with Word prompts given.
I think this is fun and takes your minds and thoughts in different directions than usual. 
These specific word prompts are found here 31 Days of Free Writes

Why don’t you try? It’s fun!

Day One: Walk


Whenever I think of walk I think of two things.  My dad and Psalm 1. 
They kind of go together.
Psalm 1 opens like this,
“Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked…”
Psalm 1 is short, powerful but condense and sketches out the attributes of a man deeply connected to God.  I guess its David’s concise character sketch of what walking with God is like. 
My dad and I from time to time have memorized scripture together and we always start here or go back to this passage.  We would quote it to each other and it just seemed to fit my dad. 
My dad walks with the Lord and he also walks a lot physically too. 
Growing up fitness was always important to my dad.  But you would never catch him jogging or running laps around the neighborhood.  Just walking.  But fast.
On Sundays and some warmer evenings I would join my dad.  I remember following him when I was in middle or highschool as his walking gait would almost match my jog.  His arms swinging swiftly by his side (not in an exaggerated fashion like a power walk which he would deem ‘goofy’) but in small, but deft motions cutting the distance between him and the next mile.  We would have our weekly conversations during these walks, albeit I would do much of the talking to my dad slightly winded trying to keep up with him. 
He would smile at the end and say, “We walked our 4.7 miles Somer.” That was back before fit bits and step counting mechanisms.  He mapped out his mileage course with his car and wasn’t really satisfied with his walk unless it met the aforemtioned trek.
I’ve always loved my dad for many different things.
I find myself walking at a fast pace usually.  Not purposefully just out of habit trying to keep up with my dad.  
The word walk reminds me of two of these things.  
Firstly, my dad’s spiritual walk of faith. Like the Psalm 1 man my dad has delighted in the law of the Lord and meditated on this law day and night.  I regularly almost daily saw my dad read his One-Year Bible quietly in his reclining chair.  Not flamboyantly or speaking with fervor and trying to tell everyone what he was reading.  Just sitting silently by himself.  I would watch his lips moving noiselessly over the words as his fingers traced the words. After he would take His bible back to the kitchen table or side table where it was left open to the next day’s reading.  It wasn’t flashy, but it was an unspoken practice I observed.
Secondly, my dad’s commitment to physical health.  Sometime in my dad’s thirties he decided to be health conscious.  Little health tweaks here and there and I can say that his health habits continue. He has periods of regression, but he seems to come back.  It wasn’t all at once, but just one simple change at a time.  Like the day he told my mom he wouldn’t drink soda the next week and then never did again.  For several years. Except for that one time he accidentally drank some sprite in a bowl of punch. He's quick to add that in there incase you think he's never tripped up.  
Just a simple change and then a new amount of ground gained in pursuit of better health.  He doesn’t spend much time talking about, just doing it.
And man, can he walk.  And fast.  It’s still almost like my jog.  
And those two things can fit nicely together. Spiritual walking and physical walking.  Spiritual health and physical health.  They are joined together many times.  
Psalm 1:3 says that man whose delight is God’s word is a like a “tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither – whatever they do prospers.”  That person is verdant.  They keep yielding fruit despite the passage of time or presence of storms. 
That’s so my dad.  He seems to keep getting better with time. His body keeps getting older, but His spirit isn't dulling.  He keeps going.  

My dad, walking with his second grand child held close 


  1. Hey, Somer! Thanks for visiting my blog and in turn me finding you. This post is beautiful. ".....Tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither – whatever they do prospers.” This reminds me of Isaiah 58:11, ....thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not."
    Write on!


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