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31 Days of Free Writes: Test (31 Lessons: True or False)


Do you ever hear people talk about their nightmares? Usually the ones I hear are showing up to school and realizing you're naked (or another public place) or realizing it's test day at school and not having prepared.
Kinda funny how these themes keep coming up but they both reveal a fear.  A fear of not being prepared.
Either prepared in wardrobe or in knowledge and skill needed.
Hosea says it clearly, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." (Hosea 4:6)
That's what happens in tests on paper and tests in life.  We perish for lack of knowledge or for the confidence to step out in that knowledge.
If we aren't prepared for a test it won't be many times we will pass it.
Right now I'm going through Pricilla Shirer's Armor of God Bible study and I really wish I had went through something like this years ago.
The bedrock of the study is based on Ephesians 6: 10-19.
Verse eleven really stands out to me.
"Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil."
The part of the verse that cuts me to the core is the "schemes of the devil".
It runs along with other verses that admonish us to be alert to Satan's plans of destructions in our life.
I have found many times when I have been almost devoured by Satan I wasn't anticipating it.
In fact often times it came disguised to my life as Satan's other name, Lucifer. Lucifer's name means: "day star" or "shining one". The temptation perhaps had many good and right facets to it, but it still wasn't right.  It was a false good.  It was almost good, and yet not.  It was twisted.
Ever really been blindsided by Satan in a way you never anticipated?
The problem in part is that you never anticipated.  You didn't think about potential threats there. And didn't have a strategy set up to avoid it.
We usually guard places that have been weak before.  I know I have.  I have had certain practices that I have kept to in places I know I'm weak.  Places I believe to be strong though often times become my biggest weakness.  Because they are unguarded and little thought has been given to a potential attack there.
So really a huge step in passing a test is knowing when a test arrives and anticipating its arrival. Not going through the test blurry eyed and blinded to what it really is.

What test questions trip you up the most?
Essay? (Not me, I shine here and seem to be able to really demonstrate what I know about a topic).
Multiple choice?
What about True or False?
Okay that's my weakness.  It's the one I have a hard time with.
Here's why.
I second guess my self a lot.
Usually I'll have an instinct and initially mark the answer, but I'll start mulling over it and have a tendency to change it.
That's fatal for me.
Usually I know the truth in the beginning.  It's in the changing of it and the doubting in my knowledge of it that I self sabotage.
I think that's what Eve did in part.  I think she easily lacked confidence in what God had said to her.  For me it would be if I rightly understood and got what God said right.  I could easily be swayed there.
We all have common core lies that follow us in our lives.  Things that Satan sees in us that are chinks or holes in our make up and are easy pockets for him to hand us lies to hold onto.
It's always custom to us.  We all don't fall for the same stuff on the outside (even though all sin has the same make up in its innards).
Priscilla Shirer says in Armor of God,
"The enemy seeks to mislead your passions so that you will seek to fulfill them in perverted, illegitimate ways.  He'll intentionally set personalized temptations in your path that are distorted variations of God's gifts to you."
My heart knows this now full well.  Temptations often times are personal.  That's why they become such tests because they may not entice someone else, but they were custom made and served up to us.  They are the scheme.  That's what scheming is.  It's a plan carried out with purpose and with design.  It's not random.
So before we can even go out into a war and win we must really give thought to what our perfect schemes would be?
Have you ever thought of it?
Because they come and will come.  And most often to the Christian.
Have you ever thought of your True and False questions?
What areas do you have issues with discerning the truth and following it through?
What areas do you easily accept falsehoods in rather than God's word?
It's imperative we know.
It's in this preparation of a test that we will pass.  You can't be given a test on calculus and have never known a thing about it.  You must figure out those places you would probably fail in the test of life and study there.  Or perhaps it's the places you might shine in and therefore go unattended.
Either way, know.


  1. Great essay, Summer!

    I had the same problem with second-guessing until I learned to fly - at which point it was hammered home that in an emergency, once you make a decision, you stick with it, or you're gonna die.

    #2 at FMF this week.

    1. Andrew thank you ! And that made me laugh. I suppose that is most definitely true.

    2. Oh, yeah, it's true. I'm living proof, having once flown a small aeroplane through a set of 250,000 volt main transmission lines.

      Never has the phrase "God Is My Co-Pilot" rung more true!

    3. Thank you for honestly sharing from your life struggles and adventures. I have no clue of what flying a plane and then going thru that would be like just as I equally have no clue of
      All the pain U are going thru with your health. God bless you for your fighting spirit and bravery.


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