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31 Days of Free Writes : Sky (31 Lessons : True Blue Friends)

When I read the word sky I instantly thought of my friend Stacie.
I met Stacie in second grade and we remained close. friends until we graduated from high school.  Stacie had a profound impact on my life.  Stacie had a very deep relationship with Jesus and was a well of spiritual wisdom and insight from a very early age.  I went to church with Stacie, sat in Bible studies she led during high school, and listened to Stacie pray.  Listening to Stacie pray was unlike anything I had heard.  She spoke so ardently to God that listening to her communicate with Him left you wanting to hear more.  More of the conversation.  Hear more of such real conversation. It was no simple, "God bless this food" or "God heal this or provide this".  It was more like a child speaking confidently and with full passion to their Father and the conversations lasted at length.  It wasn't forced, showy, or pretentious.  Hearing it left you knowing it was nothing but authentic.
Whenever I think about godliness I think about Stacie.  Unkindness never crossed her lips, she never said ill things of anyone, and she was always positive.  Stacie was very funny, but in the purest of ways.  So much laughter, but of the sweet and innocent kind.

One thing Stacie and I did over the years was to call each other on the wall phone (no one had cell phones) whenever we saw a beautiful sky.  Yes, no texts of , "Look at that sky!" or "Did you see the moon?" Our calls were short and sweet.  Enthusiastic observations.   We shared the sky.
As the years have passed I have always been fascinated with looking at the sky.  It started in our friendship, but it didn't leave me.
If the moon is full and  hanging low, golden and cradled on the edge of the horizon I always call my parents.  The moon round and low always takes my breath away and I always have to tell someone.  It's like that feeling of, "This is to beautiful, too unordinary to miss it."  It always strikes me when I see a fiery sunrise or sunset or a brilliant blue sky marbled with soft wispy clouds that glory is around us every day and we barely awake to it.
Stacie and I shared the sky joy and I awoke to how glorious it was.  I never went back to sleep. :)
Stacie lives in the United Kingdom as a missionary now, but sometimes I still think about the sky she looks up at.  That even though I can't see her, hear her voice, or visit her I can still look at the sky and and know it's endless expanse covers her too.
Thinking of Stacie and the word sky reminds me of a Shoe box card I still have from her that said something about the importance of True Blue friends.
New friends are important, they are the candidates for our old friends one day...but they are still new.
Old friends or True Blue friends are irreplaceable.
Do you have some?
I do.  God has really blessed me with several friendships from many years ago.  Friendships that lasted past the decades and all of the life changes.  New friends are needed, but old friends help us find our way when we have lost it.  They know us.  They know who we have been both good and bad our strengths and weaknesses.  They love us past this season, these handful of moments.  They have been with us and will be with us.  They are in it for the long haul.
They've watched you get married, been a bridesmaid, threw you baby showers, held your baby fresh out of the womb, ran fast behind you in playground freeze tag, and passed the volleyball to you in the gym of your old high school.  They have long been with you.
To maintain these friendships requires intention, but not a crazy amount.  Old friends aren't insecure that you are going to leave them or it's over.  They know you and know that your friendship is held fast and safe in the tension of time.  It's a part of who you are, your story, and you won't be ending it even if months stretch out without a conversation.
Just like a clear blue sky, old friends help us see our lives more clearly. Help us clear away the clouds of now and see our lives from a better bird's eye view.


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