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31 Days of Free Writes : Park

Kite flying fun 

I smiled when I read this word prompt.  It's light, breezy, azure.  It's cheerful, playful, and full of laughing children life.
This word prompted me to reflect for a few minutes on all of the park hopping my girls and I have done for the past almost nine years.  The nine years of being a mama. I need parks.  Places to go and leave home.  Places of play and recreation to reframe all of our minds and attitudes.  Mine and theirs.
I decided to look through old pictures and saw my first two girls round cheeked and babies playing in mulch and with chubby legs hanging loose out of swings.  Feet never close to brushing the dirt.  It's funny how now oldest girls sneakers shuffle sliding all over loose sandy dirt.  Legs long now.
I saw pictures of kids running from geese, a picture of a quite funny goose we visited regularly and fed named Ezra.
A collection of memories flooded back.
Picnics on old quilts stained with juice boxes and slices of watermelon.
Legs dangling from monkey bars.
Slides we cheered and coaxed kids to come down.
The time I decided to let my daughter slide down with me and we shot out landing hard.
Emergency bath room runs or perhaps the time we fell in a creek and my two year old ran around in some cartoon undies and a tee shirt and sneakers.
Parks we scattered unending bags of saved stale bread to the swarm of ever approaching ducks.
Hills my kids have rapidly rolled down, rumbling and tumbling over steep soft yet uneven earth grabbing grass with their shirts and dancing with the dirt.
See saws, swift merry-go rounds, and sand boxes shoveled through.
There were all the hours I spent knowing other mothers. Our conversations were rich, but halting between kid rescues and trips down the slides and conversations enjoyed a bit at the safe slow of swing pushing.
Yes, I've become close to friends in wide open spaces draped with jewel blue skies with the background music of so much squealing, chasing, hide n seek and imaginative play.
Let me describe my favorite park to you.
It's a quiet, gentle gem that you barely ever notice.
I usually rotate parks and my city has many.
One day waiting for my girls to finish art class I found the perfect playground park tucked into the iron fenced corner of an adorable neighborhood.
Bright playhouses stand ready for games of house, play equipment complete with a trap door and sand box.  Climbing structures with many angles and a tall slide perched up top.
And for the moms wishing to actually talk?
A park small enough to watch everyone at one time and a fence that hems all kids in and keeps others out.
 It even has tables with umbrellas and Adirondack chairs to kick back.
As a bonus a cup-cakery is diagonal across the street.  It's the perfect park that is tended with care and beautiful flowers.
Really its a neighborhood park that resembles a fun backyard for kids to play with abandon and moms to sit back and breathe easy.  It's lovely.
So thankful for parks and all of the childhood we've spent there....

Hill Running (And falling) 

First baby with newfound swing joy..8 years ago! 

Fourth baby wrapped up against March coolness on his first trip to our favorite neighborhood park 

Peter Pan themed park 

Some Wild Goose Chase, 2nd Girl is making some loud noise 
And the perfect treat for after park play
An adorable cupcake 

or some sweet cups of mint chocolate chip and birthday cake 

Hide N Seek 


  1. What a lovely post, Summer, and enchanting pictures.

    I have a memory of a park I rediscovered as an adult, as a combat veteran who was once a child.

    And I played on the swings.

    #1 at FMF this week.

  2. I love parks to walk in and have fun. I'm always on the hunt for another park to peruse and walk the foot paths.

    I'm in agreement with Andrew: "What a lovely post, Summer, and enchanting pictures."

    My post is here:

  3. Such fun words, Somer! When my boys were little, I was usually on the look out for a good park too. Your words brought back memories of my girlhood spent in parks with my sisters and friends. One park had a giant concrete frog, and we could slide down it's almost straight up and down back. Another nearby park had a concrete sea monster, that we loved climbing on. :)

    I love your pictures!

  4. With the combination of your pictures and creative words, I totally was there with you and your family. I love parks. As you said a place to go to leave home. Sometimes that is very much needed as a mommy. hope you are having a good weekend


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