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31 Days of Free Writes # Paint

31 Days of Free Writes


I think this is one of the most fun words.  Really. 
In the basement of the middle school’s art room amid the smell of dusty bisque drying out preparing for the kiln and paint splattered wash sinks I fell in love with art.  
We had to try all different kinds of things, but it was always paint that sparked my eye and made me feel alive and awake.
I laugh when I think of all of the paintings I painted.  Horrific really if I think about it.
But it was all important to me.
I liked painting things with intense color and lots of movement.  Thick sweeping strokes of paint.
In College my skills grew and I painted some landscapes that were rather good.  Not great, but something I could hang up and smile with a bit of satisfaction at. 
For whatever reason I got busy and with my last art class I drifted away from painting.
But I always loved looking at art.  Reading about artists. Knowing art history.
Last summer I spent a lot of time pouring over books about Renoir, Monet, Matisse, Van Goh, and Marry Cassatt.  My girls and I gathered around books detailing eccentric artists and works of art.  Extensive projects they undertook and the meaning behind the work.  We discussed what we liked and what we didn’t.  Getting the back story behind the picture.
One of our favorite books was about Claude Monet entitled Linnea in Monet’s Garden by Christian Bjork and Lena Anderson.  We loved reading this book.  So informative and so interesting for kids and adults.  I know I wanted to go visit Monet’s pink house after reading this. 
I know my Madelyn wanted to go as well.
Kids love to paint. We have painted so many pictures together.  Stacks of them. Finger painting and even painting with food products like pudding paintings. 
My girls especially my oldest girl loves it.
Lately it’s my three year old that is wanting to linger at the table painting.  I always like her explanations of what she has painted.  I try not to say, “What is that?” Rather say, “Could you tell me about your painting?” 
She always has an explanation I could never figure out on my own. 
Right now they are definitely abstract. 
What kind of art do you like?
I like looking at all different kinds of art spanning different periods of art history, but I know that in the end it’s the swirling water that cradle the lily pads  in Monet’s garden that I like the most. I know that it's the impressionistic style of movement, bright color, and feeling that I enjoy the most. 
Recently, as I walked into a home decor store a painting caught my eye that fit me completely.  
Everything about it.  It was quite large, but when I saw that it was on sale I knew I had to get it. 
I liked everything about it, but I didn't know if it would match anything. 
When I hung it on the wall it fit perfectly and every time I pass it I smile.  It's so bright, cheerful, intense in color and filled with thick paint and curving moving strokes. It honestly really makes me happy.  I'm surprised at how much joy I've received from just passing by it and seeing all of the bright oranges, yellows, reds, and greens splashed across the canvas.  
I'm so thankful that people create art, sculpt things that are birthed in their mind's eye and then take shape underneath the palms.  I'm so thankful that being image bearer's of God mean that we desire to create things of beauty.  I'm so thankful someone somewhere decided to paint and we have been doing so throughout the ages. 
The best paintings freeze frame a beautiful moment in time capturing it for our enjoyment.  Beautiful paintings magnify a moment.  A feeling. A certain falling of light across water, a wave about to crash,  a child running across flower filled fields, a couple dancing, a moon lit soaked sky,  or like my new painting a forest flooded with leaves fast falling all around.
Or at least those are my favorites...what about you?


  1. Everything you said made me jump for joy. We own "Linnea in Monet's Garden" and I read it to my girls and boys, too. She wrote several more about cooking and gardening. How lucky your children are to have a mother who loves color and texture, and looking and seeing.


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