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31 Days of Free Writes: Off & Weekend, 31 Lessons: Sabbath

The last two weekends (not this weekend at all) have found us with a delicious slice of Saturday sabbath.
Really.  Not many people live in that realm of placid weekends that drift slowly by to be savored and lingered over.  Definitely not our family.  Sunday has rarely ever felt like a day of rest for the entirety of my marriage.  (My husband has always been involved in some form of ministry)  Sundays can be fun, but they are also not restful. Especially with lots of little kids in the mix. Family events, church meetings, services, and miscellaneous preparations that fill Sunday evenings.   But sometimes there is a sabbath Saturday.   I say that smiling.  Two weeks in a row we had a Saturday that was filled with gloriously nothing.  I remember discussing with my husband our plans for the day.  "Well, there's this ____" the statement started and finished with some invitation or some proposed plan we could do. "But we don't have to do it. So let's not." I…

31 Days of Free Writes: Eat, 31 Life Lessons: Keep Connected

I smiled when I saw this word prompt because I had just eaten.
A lot.
Thursdays mean 'family dinners' with my parents, sister, and kids.
It's the one night that we are all free.
Usually what happens is that my mom cooks a feast.
Every Thursday.
Something new every week (with a few standards for picky kids).
A spread.
My mom is a wonderful cook.  There's no debating it.  She just really knows how to season food.  She always has. It's not bland.  It's layered with flavor.
Thursday evening finds us in our SUV, our tires fast swallowing the twelve minutes of road that stretches between my parents' house and mine.
We pull into the driveway careful to avoid the plants reaching out of the flower beds.
Doors slam before I can even unbuckle my seatbelt, my kids racing out of the car and up the front porch loudly ringing the door bell.  And theres my dad.  With twinkling eyes and a chipper,  "Why, Hello." A smile playing softly at the corners of …

31 Days of Free Writes: Study, 31 Lessons : Seize the Time

Monday is one of the sweetest days of my life.  That day, four years ago.
I got the October baby I had wished for. October, 24th, 2012.  A dark complected, bright eyed baby, cloaked with black hair.  Moriah.  My third girl.  I remember for so many reasons I had always wanted three girls.  A band of girls.
She was my final wish. I had always dreamed about having a harvest baby too. I love all my kids birthdays, but I enjoy her season and birthdate the most.  Because Moriah was the third and I was already deep in mothering two other girls she sometimes fell through the cracks. Many times.  I babied her the longest in nursing, but she didn't receive the same attention, the same hours of story reading, the same showering of undivided attention.  There was just too much going on.  I was homeschooling older girls too and as Moriah grew and toddled around she occupied herself mostly as the older girls and I did things.  She became quite the master of playing within her own imagination.  …

31 Days of Free Writes : Neighbor, 31 Lessons : Know Your Places and Your People

It always strikes me with irony that most people don't know their neighbors.  Well maybe its just younger busy couples or people. People my age or bracket.
People rush in and out to and from places, and its usually our neighbors that we glance at as we take out recycling or hear through open windows.
But do we know them? And do we ever reach out in friendship? Or care?
I remember being very connected to the neighbor hood kids that congregated at our house growing up.
My mom was that neighborhood mom.  You know, the mom whose house the kids all flocked to?  The house with the snacks, the crowded basement, and the baseball games and sprinkler runs down the back yard slope?
I have a very funny memory of my mom's summer game of 'Kitchen Window'  A game she came up with for kids to try to get tennis balls into her small second story kitchen window. (While she was cooking dinner)  I don't know how it started but if we could actually make a tennis ball into the second st…

31 Days of Free Writes : Park
I smiled when I read this word prompt.  It's light, breezy, azure.  It's cheerful, playful, and full of laughing children life.
This word prompted me to reflect for a few minutes on all of the park hopping my girls and I have done for the past almost nine years.  The nine years of being a mama. I need parks.  Places to go and leave home.  Places of play and recreation to reframe all of our minds and attitudes.  Mine and theirs.
I decided to look through old pictures and saw my first two girls round cheeked and babies playing in mulch and with chubby legs hanging loose out of swings.  Feet never close to brushing the dirt.  It's funny how now oldest girls sneakers shuffle sliding all over loose sandy dirt.  Legs long now.
I saw pictures of kids running from geese, a picture of a quite funny goose we visited regularly and fed named Ezra.
A collection of memories flooded back.
Picnics on old quilts stained with juice boxes and slices of watermel…

31 Days of Free Writes: Little, 31 Days : Pursue Creativity and Personal Ideas

My baby girl is a week shy of being four.  She's at the age where so many of her statements are just adorable.  Things that make you smile while she nods her head and her eyes widen big emphasizing a story.
She has been using this seeming contradictory adjective to describe things lately, "Little- Big".
She's 'little- big' and so are many things she likes.  This makes me laugh every time. Yes, she's a little girl with a big personality.
It reminds me of this quote I recently read by Paul Kelly, "From little things big things grow."  
This quote is applicable to all of life, but it really related to the thoughts my girls and I read this past weekend.
Sometimes when I get library books I try to go for themes.  Of course there always a few straggling off topic books but often times I will try to have the books relate to one another.  Three books we read this week talked about ideas and two of them more especially about one curious boy turned pro…

31 Days of Free Writes : Move, 31 Lessons: Make people Feel at Home

My sister has moved so many times that I cannot even calculate it.  Really since 2006 when she graduated she has moved to a new place either every year or every year and a half.  Maybe there was one stint that lasted two years.  My dad and my husband have hoisted her couches and collection of furniture up many apartment complex stairs.  My mom has come to help clean and bring an opening meal to christen the apartment with and the offer to the new roommates. My sister is almost thirty now and still works all of the time literally.  Except for Sundays.  And I mean from sun up to almost down every day, but Saturday where she just works eight hours. While she was in college sharing rooms with three girls I always wanted to clean my sister's apartment.  I remember one year when her apartment was close by taking my two oldest girls to her apartment and trying to deep clean for the week.  Back then she wasn't concerned so much with cleanliness and seeing that always bothered me.…