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I read the word prompt collect and i remembered.
The first poem I wrote for my oldest girl was entitled, "Collections".
I remember writing it out for my then three old.
It was quaint, probably disjointed, but from the heart.
It was a poem that journeyed her through a list of people we knew and described their personal collections.
There was a section on sweet Miss Mary and all of her costume jewelry.
Another verse described her then living uncle and his yard spilling over with his collection of basically broken down cars he would one day fix.
Mrs. Rose landed solidly in the poem for her proclivity to collect anything that ever graced her eyes that hailed from Texas.  Even bags of potato chips. "We better buy two. They are from Texas." She insisted.  Inwardly my eyes rolled.
The poem was silly in nature, but ended with the verse about my daughter and I.
I can't remember the lines but the summary was simple.

I told my girl in haphazard rh…

How is My Listening?

"Are you a good listener?"  We have people ask us when they want to tell us something.  Something soul pressing, something personally sacred, or something secret.  If you are like me you ask yourself a lot, "Am I a good listener?"
I've found myself for years listening to people.  Trying to be a better listener.  It's an art. Listening.   I enjoy knowing people.  I'm very relationally oriented.  I really do care and want to know peoples stories. I get a lot of satisfaction from relating to people.
But I'm not the best listener.  I think we all have work to do because we are all inherently selfish.  Selfishness pushes against listening.  Listening if it's true and pure is for the benefit of another and so listening is a way to practice selflessness.  If even for just a handful of moments.  If you aren't the best listener there's hope for you and me! Listening is something we can always learn and improve u…

To Do and Don't Lists

The other day before school my oldest sat marker and notebook in hand.  I was trying to urge her on before she would be late.  "Come on to the table," I nudged. I glanced down, "What are you doing?" She smiled back shyly, "I'm making a list.  A list of things I have to do in the morning."  Only it was morning.  Right now.  She skipped off to do more of the things on the list.   I smiled. A to do list.  And she's eight.  I like the pictures :)  It's a pretty basic list.   Clothes on. Check. Shoes on. Check. Teeth Brushed. Check. A bowl of cereal. (Apparently overflowing) Check. I haven't figured out the last two pictures and they were left unchecked... 
A few days passed and I read the emailed, Happiness Dare of the Day I had subscribed to from Jennifer Dukes Lee. The dare of the day included putting extra things on your to do list you know you can mark off.  Even if they seem silly.  It's in the being able to check …

Last Days of Summer

We usually end our summers with vacations or trips. It's been a thing.   I think its because we like to save the best for last. Do you? June signals schools out and people are restless to break free, to escape, and to head somewhere. But we wait... We always have. It started years ago when our summers were packed tight with things one after the other. August or September our summer slows, right before its gone. Kind of like the sunsetting on a long summer's day, brightest at the end.  I like it this way.  I like ending with something memorable.   I've always been that way.  I like to have something to look forward to rather than rush through and have nothing to anticipate in a season.    This year was the first time we had been back to see the ocean all together as a family in at least four years. This year we added two to our crew and made our way to Florida. It's been a decade since I've been to Florida.   Do you love to go to new places?  I do.   If you were ble…