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Five Minute Fridays

Genesis.  The rich verses that detail the beginnings of all that is center on the God who created then and creates still.
Different people have different favourites in scripture. Genesis is one of mine.
I always come back to it.
I want to reread it all.  It never gets old.
The cradle of history, the birth of time and all of that encompassed and recorded in two short chapters.
Last month I read the first three chapters over several times and tried to notice different things...
One thing that struck me is how the limitless detail and enormity of creation is so simply summed up.
Each day God speaks into being a certain aspect of creation and there it is. And it is good.
I like to imagine the inconceivable mind of God speaking out "Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night...And it was so."  That everything included in the incomprehensible expanse of a universe.  Every detail can emerge through the spoken word of God.  Created by His voice, conceived in all detail in His mind.
From that small command billions of galaxies unfurl across a gargantuan universe.  Unimaginable stars spoken immediately into being forming the constellations we see.  Nebulas, comets, entire solar systems, and we are gently placed in the tiny pocket of Milky Way...all in an instant.

God so simply sums up all of this creative mind blowing work in a short 31 verse chapter of the Bible and calls it simply "Good".  While we devote entire lives in the study of one minute piece of his creation.  Entire documentaries on a species of bird.  Entire quests or professions center on one tiny puzzle piece of it all and His voice just calls it into being effortlessly.

That's why it never gets old to read, to ponder, to marvel at.
God still is creating.
One definition of create is, "to cause to come into being as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes." (
God is still creating and that never gets old either.  The wonder over a brand new baby, a new heart that starts beating, a new hand to hold, new blazingly clear baby eyes to look into.
New skies to watch.
God is still in the creative process with more on His drawing board...
Like the climax of His own story, the carrying out of His purposes on earth, and the weaving of all stories into His epic anthology of History.
The creation of a New Heaven and a New Earth.
And despite all of this magnificent and complicated creative endeavors that we see mere glimpses of and barely understand He still creates things within us that we cannot create ourselves.
Things that do not occur in us "naturally or are made by ordinary processes."
He can still create a pure heart within us and renew a steadfast spirit within us. (Psalm 51).
It is still God's creation of Spiritual life within us that saves us, remakes us, recreates us, and ushers us into the hope of living in our original created glory.
We live out the image of God in us when we create ideas, projects, and yes even relationships.  It brings us joy, gives us goal and purpose, and confirms the stamp of image bearer of God that we all carry.
 Lastly, we get to carry out the complexity of creating mostly in relationships.
It takes creativity to relearn, reconnect, refocus a heart to love the same ones we share life with over and over and over.  We must be creative to accomplish this task.  We must constantly find ways to see the same thing anew over and over again.
And we can.
May God create within me the eyes not too thick and the heart not too hard to always look for ways to create love when I don't see them anymore.
When I have become dull.
After all like Vincent Van Goh says, "There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people."
Perhaps thats why God created the objects of His love last.  His people.
Maybe that's why He has spent all of history creating the saga of love and redemption that will bring them close to His heart and one day bring them Home.
And maybe the way I refocus my heart on knowing God and loving God is to look for Him over and over in all of His creation.  To not miss Him here.


  1. That is beautiful. So glad to be your neighbor at #fmfparty. Have a blessed and beautiful weekend.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful. You're right; the first two chapters of Genesis never cease to thrill and inspire. I think that's because in their words we are confronted with a God we cannot control, and the only sensible response is awe.

  3. Loved this post Somer. What a beautiful thought on such an expanse of creation. All
    of it, beautiful. I hope you embrace that in your life and in yourself. Your amazing beauty! An effortless beauty. Rest in that. Xoxoxo

  4. What a beautiful ode to Genesis, Summer ... your love for this 1st book of the Bible is contageous!

  5. Beautifully written, Summer. Great thoughts, too, on the creative nature of God. I've considered many times before that since we are made in God's image, His creative side is within us as well. So we can celebrate expressing our creative side. Never before, though, had I considered using this same creativity in relationships. With five children adopted from overseas (now all adults) it definitely takes a lot of creativity to work through the icky baggage they carry. Seeing it all as God-given creativity adds a hopeful spin on the difficulties.

    So fun to read.
    Your neighbor at Holley's

  6. Hi Somer,
    Creation is such a beautiful place to take in God's heart for his people and the earth he made! I just love all the examples of what he continues to create, including a new baby's sweet face -- I can imagine you were thinking of your own little one! I sometimes think about creation as what God allows all of the earth's inhabitants to view -- it's all on display for every one of us. But when we aspire to go deeper with him, then he truly reveals the treasures in hidden places as he shows us amazing facets of himself! xoxo

  7. Amen! Beautiful words and encouragement~ Love the quote by Vincent Van Gogh :)

  8. He calls it good - love that sweet reminder that everything He has created, including us, is part of His incredible goodness. Glad to be your neighbor at #threewordwednesday today.


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