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Five Minute Fridays

Silently creeping along the carpet, stilling our breath so we couldn't be detected.  I remember our deliberate steps around our childhood house as a group of kids scattered to find a hiding place in the complete dark.  My sister and I always stuffed pillows in all the basement windows so no one could see the hand in front of their faces as five neighborhood children blended into corners or angles of the house undetected.  It was how we passed hot summer days.  Days too hot to be outside.  The games would last for hours.
 Our long games continued when we moved into middle and even high school.  Our dad would participate.  It didn't really matter that we weren't necessarily children anymore.  I remember the way we ran away screaming as teenagers as we searched the dusk to find my dad.  We had to really look to find him. He finally dropped out of the apple tree we were standing under sending my sister and I sprinting off into …


Five Minute Fridays

Genesis.  The rich verses that detail the beginnings of all that is center on the God who created then and creates still.
Different people have different favourites in scripture. Genesis is one of mine.
I always come back to it.
I want to reread it all.  It never gets old.
The cradle of history, the birth of time and all of that encompassed and recorded in two short chapters.
Last month I read the first three chapters over several times and tried to notice different things...
One thing that struck me is how the limitless detail and enormity of creation is so simply summed up.
Each day God speaks into being a certain aspect of creation and there it is. And it is good.
I like to imagine the inconceivable mind of God speaking out "Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night...And it was so."  That everything included in the incomprehensible expanse of a universe.  Every detail can emerge thr…