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Five Minute Fridays

One Word / Five Minutes

Rest.  When I read this word prompt it was yet another time I've been reminded of this short word.  I kind of feel like this about the word rest...
It sounds lovely.  Like falling asleep beneath a cool lavender scented quilt and sinking into a satisfying deep dream free sleep. The one you wake from and actually feel like rest merged with you. Like eating a truly enjoyable meal and pushing your plate back satisfied, rest would mean lifting your head off of the pillow, stretching your toes to meet the floor and rising to greet the day satisfied with the sleep. Feeling actually rested. Kind of like sleep actually worked.
It's been awhile.
Four kids squeezed into eight years (none of which have slept well) means that I haven't really felt rested in a decade.  Not to mention all of the high ups and deep downs those years have packed.   Before that there was all that rush and hurry of cramming full loads of colle…

Pantry List

I liked to give people gifts.  Way more than getting them.  I remember one time telling my mom, "I wish I could be funded by a philanthropist to give gifts."  I forget her response, probably a chuckle and a raised eyebrow.
But I do.
It hovers right at the top.  Giving people gifts is me loving them...
Weird, because its not how I receive love.  I don't need gifts, I just need to give them.
I remember once having a good friend get married.  My whole plan was to get her all the things she needed for a fully stocked pantry.  You know the little things that make a meal come together.
The things we forget about.
Especially when you get married right out of college where you bought the most sparse ingredients possible like oatmeal and granola bars to power through your days.
I remember not having really a clue about what was needed to make a good meal.
I used to love pouring over cookbooks and making new things.  Until I was on my own and realized that most of the ingredient…

Sarah sees the Sea

"I've never been to the beach." Simple sentence.
"You've never?" I remember stammering back at her.  I couldn't wrap my head around it.
I stated the obvious back to her in question form, "You mean you have never seen the waves? You've never seen an ocean?"
She nods back.  Of course that is the truth.
"But you're nineteen."  I tell her what she already knows.
 She's nodding back, laughing at me telling her her own age.
She fits into a small group.  A handful of people I know.  People that have never seen the ocean.
I guess that used to be common place; however, when you live only five hours from the nearest shore line it's not too common.
My great grandmother (the one who lived long and always seemed to be my grandmother) never saw the ocean.  I remember someone saying this at her passing and my seventeen year old heart saddened.  "She never left the state of North Carolina save her few trips to Virginia,"…