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One word, five minutes

"Girls, you can enjoy Friday your testing is done." I spoke into the eager Friday faces of my kids.
Madelyn was happy. There is a pizza party and game day following test week.
Meredith surprised me, "I love tests!  I wish it wasn't over."
My brain wrinkled like my eyebrow. She is always surprising me.  I didn't expect that declaration.
Some of us love a good test.  Some to see how we can wing it and some because we are well prepared.
Some of us aren't good test takers.  I know I always triple, quadrupled guessed myself and wounded my own test taking as a student.  But paragraph short essay tests were my thing.  Not so much True or False.  Those were filled with second guessing possibilities.
Life is filled with tests.  Academic tests that you laboriously study for so you know the ins and outs of and are well prepared and then life tests.
I haven't failed many academic te…


Five Minute Fridays.
One Word/ Five Minutes

Unite. It's such a short word.  When I glanced at it on my phone my mind immediately faked me out. Whenever i quick glance at this word it spells Untie. My eyes trick me and I double count the letters and look at the word again to make sure...Untie or Unite?
After I double and triple checked the word confirming it was Unite I thought about the simple reshuffling of letters that would create the unravelling of anything United.
Reshuffle the letters to Untie and loosen something United.
My mind drifts to how quickly something United becomes isolated.
We know the adage strength in numbers is true.
Solo living can't be easily done and many times leads to big downfalls.
We do have an enemy.  I'm not talking people, I'm talking spiritual enemies who seek to destroy us for spiritual reasons.
We have been studied and Satan and his crew are patient.  Patient enough to know that if we can take the journey into …