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Gospel in Skin

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# Finding Streams in My Desert
#Gospel in Skin

Have you ever walked through a wilderness of your own making?  It's dim, desolate, and dense with confusion. There is always a backstory, a basket of issues that led you to this turn, but it was you who walked in.  The farther you walked in the deeper you were lost. Sometimes its your pride that led you here, sometimes its a cocktail of exhaustion, frustration, and hopelessness.  Sometimes it's fear.  It can be so many things and so many things all at once.  

I have.  At some point we all do in some shape or fashion.  It can come in many forms. Sometimes we resist it.  We do like Jesus did.  We stand strong in the desert and then we get to leave.
But sometimes we falter and we do exactly what Satan wanted us to do and then we wander...
In the wilderness hopes die, dreams die, you start to die. Your life becomes small.  The storm you felt prior to this is now only more complicated, more exhausting.  

I have lived this experience at …