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Five Minute Fridays

Morning seems sacred to me.  Having nocturnal children kind of robs me of the mornings I like to enjoy in silence and quiet thought.
For years I would get up at least two hours before anyone so I could just be by myself and be quiet.
My parents are early morning people that like to eat full breakfasts and watch the sunrise on the porch. There's something exciting about watching the day open its' eye lids with the first glints of sun playing on the horizon edge.  Pale blues and periwinkles rouse us out of pitch black and many times morning rises in strength with extravagant colors.  It signals something new.  A new twenty four hours.  A new chance. Kind of like a new little slice of life.  We are mesmerized at first at the idea of new.  It's beautiful, holy, and hopeful.
Morning breaks the night.
I love that Cat Steven's hymn Morning has Broken.  I've always thought the words were so beautiful.
Especially the last phrase, "God's recreation of the new day."
Morning is also a sign of hope for weary hearts.
The Bible casts morning as an exit sign for dark nights of the soul.
Psalm 30:5 "For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for a lifetime; weeping may last for the night, but a shout of joy comes in the morning."  

We all have dark nights.  Some seasons are characterized by thick darkness.  We have all walked through them.  They can be illnesses, deaths of dreams, relationships, financial angst and upheaval, and they can also be darknesses of our own making.  We all need mourning periods.  Our hearts heal all wrong without them.  Or they never heal.  There is a time for mourning.  Whether over a death in any form or mourning over our own personal sin and failures.
Night keeps its' hours. You can't force night shadows away until they have kept their orbit.  There is a time of walking through the dark night and clinging onto Jesus to give you enough light to keep on walking.
Sometimes along the way you see what time it is.  You see that the moon is moving.  People send you signs with words.
I've had those happen to me.
As if Heaven itself sent me the clock face that morning was almost breaking.  That has happened to me recently through three unrelated people, one of whom I haven't seen in a decade. Seemingly out of nowhere sending me a spiritual clock face so to speak that morning was coming and night was in fact passing.  And they didn't know, but God did.
Sometimes the night crawls by and there are no moons.  It's a moonless night of endless ink.  Sometimes we can be like the Psalmist and our endless night leaves us anticipating, "My soul waits for the Lord more than the watchmen for the morning. Indeed, more than the watchmen for the morning."  (Psalm 130:6) 
We are deeply longing for morning to break, for sun to start warming the ice grip of despair we have been in and for the light of joy to start streaking across our soul's sky.
And so it finally does.
There is a time and season for periods of both.  They are right.
Even David after his horrible downfall went through intense mourning but when it was over he washed His face got up, ate, and went to worship in the Temple.
If you are walking through a dark night in whatever season of life you have to see hope ahead or you will give out before morning breaks.  It's very every day.  You have to practice embracing the literal morning in front of you and seeking out God's presence there.  Despite that the literal day may be blazing brightly around you must find ways to speak God's promises to your dark soul.  When the soul night seems to be endless rise with the dawn and look expectantly for the new mercies Lamentations promises us, "The Lord's lovingkindness indeed never cease, For his compassions never fail.  They are new every morning; Great is thy Faithfulness."
We look for God's grace in this ordinary morning.  We ask for His mercy and His wisdom for this day.  We keep walking because we know one day our mourning will be broken by a morning of God's recreation, restoration, and renewal.
And when that morning dawn starts filling the curve of the sky we will be ready to shout and dance under the sun of God's mercy and love.
But until that day I'll be rising every morning and laying myself low before Him, waiting. And I'll be trusting that sometimes God does His best work in the dark when I can't see it, see it's end.
I'm so thankful for the people God sent me like watchmen in the morning whispering hope to my heart.

Heading Home


  1. This is beautiful, Summer. I am so very glad I decided to stop by this evening. The promise He gives of new mercies and His loving kindness are have what gotten me through the last few years.
    Be blessed this week.

    ~#79 at FMF linkup this wk

  2. Your post is superb. Thanks for sharing us updated information.


  3. Hi Somer,
    What a beautiful piece on mornings! I used to NOT be a morning person and arrive at work grumpy but a few years ago I changed (surprising even to me!) and got up early to have coffee and spend a few minutes with God before I left for work. It's totally changed my life! (Although I still might be grumpy at work! :)) There's just something about seeing morning break through and feeling God wash the planet in his light. And I love how your parents loved to greet the morning and you're following in their traditions! xoxo


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