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Five Minute Fridays

Morning seems sacred to me.  Having nocturnal children kind of robs me of the mornings I like to enjoy in silence and quiet thought.
For years I would get up at least two hours before anyone so I could just be by myself and be quiet.
My parents are early morning people that like to eat full breakfasts and watch the sunrise on the porch. There's something exciting about watching the day open its' eye lids with the first glints of sun playing on the horizon edge.  Pale blues and periwinkles rouse us out of pitch black and many times morning rises in strength with extravagant colors.  It signals something new.  A new twenty four hours.  A new chance. Kind of like a new little slice of life.  We are mesmerized at first at the idea of new.  It's beautiful, holy, and hopeful.
Morning breaks the night.
I love that Cat Steven's hymn Morning has Broken.  I've always thought the words were so beautiful.
Especially the last phrase, "God&…

Birth Marks

Did you always want a birth mark?  Yeah I did.  I never had one, not even freckles.  I do now from too many no sunscreen pool days, but for whatever reason when kids exchanged broken arm stories, scar stories, or even came up with birth mark stories I had none to tell at recess.  God has blessed me with tough bones (i certainly tripped and ran into enough things), no major injuries (save one set of stitches I managed to avoid), and not even a birth mark or what was it that girl always boastfully called hers , "An angel kiss".
I was just such a boring second grader.   We all have birth marks though.  Meaning marks of those who birthed us or from the family that we received our life from, did our growing in, and who shaped us for better and worse.   We are marked forever by our family. What was important to them, what central themes were spoken and lived out before us, what lenses our family viewed life with.   My family had their own set.  For better and Worse.  These birth …