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Prodigal Prayers

The electronic ding of my cell phone cut through one thirty clamor and reminded me...
It's time to pray...
Some days it would be quick and the same prayer.  A mantra that I would ask for...
For healing, restoration, and salvation for three....
I had committed a year to praying for three...
Every day at a set time...
Driving a stake in the sand and not leaving...
Some days it would be inconvenient and I would forget...
Some days I'd curl up in the floor and be more earnest..
Some days I would mumble the prayers with my hands submerged in dirty dishes and sometimes I'd include my kids in the prayers out loud as we whisked around town...

It seemed so normal, scheduled, and really unexciting.
I had joined hands and hearts with three people too, but some fell out along the way....
Things really didn't seem to change much.

And then.....

They did. Slowly.
God was working and I didn't know.  The year concluded and honestly I slipped into a funk of my own.  I was depressed, distracted, and downward spiraling myself so to speak.
I heard my friend tell me though things were changing for one.  One of the ones we had so earnestly prayed for.  Like a slow spring thaw...God was breathing grace over heart ice and it was melting....
I was glad.  Surprised.  Especially that of the three, he was the one whose heart was altered.
I felt joy.  Joy that something had come form all those little prayers.  I couldn't believe it.
And things had changed drastically for this one.  From rock bottom to now singing songs to God and leading other people.
"He has changed so much.  He talks about spiritual stuff all the time now.  He's doing Bible study with other men."
I found it a bit hard to believe.  I was pleased, but very surprised.  Especially coupled with my own feelings of confusion and spiritual failure.
"He is so thankful for all the prayers you prayed for him. It means so much to him."  I heard her say and the words settled in my heart.  I smiled.  Maybe I had actually been a part of something good I thought.

Sin has a way of doing that to our hearts.  We can have a very vibrant flourishing faith, lead others well, and be overflowing with God's power.  And then we can fall.  Almost when we are totally not expecting it.  Like charging ahead and then falling fast head over heels into a pit.

And after the fall comes these fast rushing thoughts that say, "I am worthless.  I am a failure.  Nothing  about me is good. I've made a mess of it all.  No, I am a mess."  We define ourselves by the failure, the sin, and the shame.  That's now our new identity.  And we wear it.
We forget that our life had a beginning far beyond this and that at one time and at many times our lives were a blessing, a gift, a light.
I've been in this desert for a few months now.  Feeling like the whole of my life that I tried so very hard to do right got swallowed up by a brief season of wrong.

She calls me cutting into my soul storm,  "He is praying for you, Somer.  He's praying for you.  He credits all your prayers for changing the course of His life.  He is so thankful for you. "
The words are hard to hear.
I think about them. Ponder them.  Try to make sense of the role reversal.
How all the prayers and love I spilled out are now boomeranged back to me.  How the one I prayed so much for is now one who is begging God to help me.
God's grace is amazing, truly.
Sometimes the pure and prayerful fall and they get to be prayed for by the very prodigal that they begged God to miracle change.
Because we are all prodigals.  We all get lost.  We all stand before the throne of God with equal needs of Him.
Sometimes God does allow us to wander and be on the receiving end of much forgiveness...So we will love much.
"He's praying, Somer." I'm humbled.
I need prayer just as much as he does and I nod and say, "Thank you." It's God's way of kissing me with grace when I want to run from it.


  1. Hello friend!
    How glad I am to hear that your season of dark is turning lighter! Prayer is such a powerful and mysterious channel for God's love to find our way to us when we pray for others, isn't it? I've done this myself this year as I've prayed for another and seen a powerful shift in my circumstances through prayer! Standing with you in hope for a fresh start, a year of new beginnings and a year of knowing you are God's beloved!

  2. Summer, this encouraged me so much! Will be sharing with my online prayer group. Blessings :)


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