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Let it Go...

Let it go is a common phrase lately.  If you have a young daughter it was the reoccurring theme song in your car belted out with five year old abandon a couple of years ago when we were all Frozen and then refrozen again and again.  

However, this little phrase is ripe with wisdom too.
I'm good at letting things go that others don't.  I don't have to have everything in order or planned out.  Never have.  I don't have to make things perfect to feel at ease.  But there's a few things that I simply cannot let go.  I don't have to appear perfect. 
But I cannot let relationships go.  Very difficult.  I have a very hard time writing people off or staying mad at them.  I cannot seem to give up on situations that seem impossible or even on people that I really have no business worrying about.  I have a difficult time giving up on someone's story when it seems so fractured and they've wanted me as a listening ear.  And that has deeply cost me.
It's always been this way. I can't seem to let go of people once I'm emotionally entangled.  

I also have the most difficulty with letting guilt and shame go.  It's so much easier for me to wallow in it and self loathe then just repent and let it go...
This season of my life has been fraught with that wrestle of acceptance, self loathing, and letting go of the pervasive thoughts, "If only I would have done this, or reacted differently, or had not said this.." 

And then I read this quote. It's not exactly reverent but it's like a beacon into the storm of guilt I feel,

"If you ever drop your keys into a river of molten lava, let 'em go, because, man they're gone." (Jack Handey).  This might be funny, but I'm latching onto this mental picture.  When different thoughts and regrets storm my mind I've been praying for each offense, confessing it and then picturing it sink into a river of fast moving molten lava.

Because here is the thing.  No one's life is defined by a season.  God can always redeem any situation for a new purpose and a pathway closer to Himself and to display more of His beauty.  No matter what it is.  That's the message of the Gospel.  It's Good News no matter what.  For everyone.  If we don't believe God's grace is given to anyone and everyone we don't truly accept the wideness of God's love and we do not see our own selves correctly.  

So if you are in a situation that you can't redo, or wishing for forgiveness you may never know or may be able to personally offer you can say like David said, "It's against You, You only have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight." (Psalm 51).  Sometimes we don't get to offer explanations and sometimes we don't get to make things right this side of Heaven.  But we always get the opportunity to release our guilt into a river of Jesus blood and let it go.....
What do you need to let go of today? Bitterness, disappointment, expectations you have set that you personally know you can't meet, hurt, or self loathing like me? 

"I have to let it go,"  I think to myself.  "All of it.  The whole crazy mess and my own basket of mistakes. And all of the things I cannot explain or even understand.  All the dots I'll never connect and all of the regret I wish I could somehow redeem."
You can never move on stuck in a quagmire of guilt.  God doesn't ever intend that for any of His children.  There is a season for mourning and repentance, but if it doesn't lead to a new life it is wasted.  
We can let go, because God is the only One who never lets go of us.  No matter what.  And He whispers the same promise over all of our transgressions no matter the scale or the ugliness of them,
David had to take hold of this promise in order to let God rebuild Him after his great and most ugly downfall.  He knew about the graceful forgetfulness of God because He deeply needed it himself and lived out His own personal scandal.  I repeat this line from his Psalms many times to  myself, 
" As far as the East is from the West, so far has He removed our transgressions from us." Psalm 103:12.  

If God can let it go, I must.  Even if it means I blink and imagine hurling things one by one into currents of lava because man, whatever gets tossed there is gone.......


  1. Somer,
    Oh I just love how you tied this post together with the last line -- beautiful! I seem to have the opposite problem that I more easily let friendships go that have become more work than I want to put into them and then feeling very guilty that I've hurt their feelings. But I'm reminded that sometimes moving on is the best thing we can do. Releasing our guilt to God is the best thing we can do, no matter what the situation! Praying for you . . . .xo


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