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31 Days of Free Writes # Capture


I let the words marble roll through my head.  "Capture..Capture.." I'm saying it and thinking of shutters snapping to capture moments in framed slices of life.  I'm saying Capture and thinking of a princess captured tight in a dungeon...
Capture...I stumble on..
Capture the Flag.  I say inside and smile.  Instantly I'm back in elementary school at field day thick soccer turf resting under my feet.
Kids fast running towards the safe zone, pony tails whipping behind little girl heads.
Boys chasing and almost catching, girls smiling wide when they escape.
The risk taker boy who always seems to make it through the thick of the kids letting people out of jail.
I'm ten again running as fast as my short legs can stride.  Muggy May humidity kissing soft curls around ear edges.  We are chasing hard, wildly after the boy clutching that red and white flag.  A group of us has formed and he is so close.  We run faster and faster across that seemingly endless field of verdant grass. Footsteps pounding, kids yelling pleading "Get him!"
That fast italian boy the speed of our fifth grade class dodging everyone and winning the game.
We all abrupt stop and catch our breath.

I loved the chase.  I loved the risk taking of trying to get past the group.  I loved the way it felt to have to run as hard and as urgently as you could to make it.  I loved the idea of trying to avoid capture and taunting that silly boy that almost tagged you...
I like the word capture because to say it is to feel some passion.
To desire to capture anything means you badly want and are willing to risk, to pursue to have heart
And to be captured means you were wildly pursued, sought after....'s one of those words that feels like sunshine to the brain, it shakes of sluggish apathy it means an adventure...for good or bad..

Squealing girls avoiding capture 


  1. Your words are vivid & sunshine to my poetic soul. I see the game perfectly. Beautiful. Writing #31FreeWrites with you!


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