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Five Minute Friday - Celebrate

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"I get to see four different groups of people I love and don't live here anymore." I told my dad.  His eyes crinkle happy framing the dark blue.
"Good, Somer.  I'm glad."  He smiles and kisses my forehead as we talk about who I'll get to see this week.
Within the sun rises of eight days I'll see four groups of people that are special to me.  And I hadn't known and hadn't planned it.  Sometimes you get your lap filled like that.
This week of unexpected reunions, hugs, and laughter started at dusk with kids playing tag and jumping over creek banks.  One little bleach blonde boy falling in because being two and wearing golashes is problematic.  I was at the same house I had attended parties at and had knocked out a boys two front teeth. I was at my childhood friend Molly's parent's house.  I watched my girls race around the twilight with the children of people I was a child with.  It was a birthday party.  A celebration of my friend Molly's girl.  I watched my girls huddle around her girl and I remembered way back when Molly looked exactly like her girl, same enormous brown eyes and remembered how we both became friends over musty library books. You had to be friends with her when you met her.  She just wouldn't have it any other way.

Molly's girl and my girl.  Just like us twenty five years ago...

The week marches on and I sit quietly squinting against September sunshine trying to see the brightest blue eyes I've ever known.  She's in from Atlanta and willing to try to carry on a conversation with me that was interrupted countless times with questions from the five kids between us. We first became friends while she encouraged me to be brave enough to maybe homeschool my girls.  I love how gutsy she is and how she isn't afraid to be bold.
I told her about my special week with so many close friends, how unexpected and a bit strange it was to see that many people in that frame of eight days,
"It is just God's way of showing you how much He loves you." ( I wish i could rightly describe just how piercingly bright her eyes are.  Can't.  But they are breathtaking)
My lips spread into a slow smile, I tilt my head.
"Hmm...I hadn't thought of that. I guess so. I like that." I say to her summation.
She was one of the ways.  This feisty lady who is old enough to be my mom but gets me, she was one of the ways. We took turns disciplining kids, rolling our eyes at the humorous cadence of our constantly interrupted conversation, and we were really honest with each other.

The following evening I'm sitting at a table unashamedly cuddled in a blanket in the chill of almost fall nights.  The table encircled with six of us who have known each other for about twenty years.  Or more. Leaning in and laughing, learning about what is now new in the life of the others.
It's rare to keep close at heart, for so many years people that you sat at the same lunch table with in fourth grade, wrote notes to in middle school, and fill the pages of your year book with ridiculous inside jokes now forgotten.  Four of us also went to college together and there was quite a bit of laughter over some of those freshmen stories.
I found myself scanning around the table thinking about how much certain things had changed and how much some things hadn't.  Like the nature of someone who really knows you like the palm of their own hand.  And honestly they really has held your hand almost the whole of your life and they somehow know what you are thinking before you confirm it, just looking at you.  I sat there and held the gaze of at least two friends like that.  You have to smile.  It's such gift.  Not one that you deserve or could have asked for, but one you treat as one of the richest treasures of your life.
In the conversations there was celebration over new houses, new jobs, and three newborn babies that we passed around.  I think my own newborn baby had the scent of six different perfumes on him at the close of the evening.
There is one more special evening to conclude this week of celebrating people I love.  Saturday I get to see someone who I definitely pounded the pavement with, spent hours in high school at the community pool with, and who always knows how to make me laugh.  She is also coming into town this week and I get to celebrate my friendship with her too.
She is such an inspiration to me.  Someone who is always positive no matter what life has thrown at her.  And it is a lot.  Her smile and spunky attitude is still intact.  I can't wait to talk with her about her new job and listen to all her blunt force comments, unfiltered for our enjoyment.
When I saw the word was celebrate I knew it was the perfect word for me this week...
Its been a celebration of friendship all week.
And really there is nothing like having some really good deep friendships to give richness to your life.  Nothing. And real relationships that you have invested a lot of time, snail mail, phone calls, morph into so many memories.  Enduring friendships are worth celebrating in part because they are gifts from God, ways He loves us, and also the mark of people willing to invest within each other.  Testaments to faithfulness and real love.
I could not agree more with this quote,


  1. What a great gift! So happy you were blessed with such an amazing week!

    Came over from fmf. God bless, Lyndse

  2. Aw, what beautiful photos and what a lovely celebration of friends. God does, indeed, strengthen us in just the way we need to find his strength--and I love it when he uses friends and family :).

  3. Wonderful words, Somer! Such a good reminder to cherish our friends.

  4. Somer,
    I haven't seen you at Holley's link-up so I hopped over and your baby is here! Love the photos! Hope all is well!


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