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The Detective

Sitting distracted in church I realized I had picked up my old bible.  The one where all of Psalms is ripped out due to the teeth of our old dog.  I thumbed through the thin sheets to find the passage, but my fingers paused when I came to an old picture tucked lovingly between the pages.  Resting somewhere in the old testament lies a picture of an unlikely friendship.  One I hadn't thought of for a long time.  The one picture I had of the Detective.
I know the pastor kept talking, but my mind fast drifted nine years back to me as a college student at my nursing home job.
Framed within the tattered edges is twenty one year old me wearing the same navy sweater I often did smiling a wide smile because leaning next to me was one of the most precious people I've ever met.
I don't remember my first meeting with Dickey, but I know soon after it he was my favorite resident.  I never figured out what his exact diagnosis was.  Why he was at the nursing home.  There was obvious men…

Five Minute Friday - Celebrate

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"I get to see four different groups of people I love and don't live here anymore." I told my dad.  His eyes crinkle happy framing the dark blue.
"Good, Somer.  I'm glad."  He smiles and kisses my forehead as we talk about who I'll get to see this week.
Within the sun rises of eight days I'll see four groups of people that are special to me.  And I hadn't known and hadn't planned it.  Sometimes you get your lap filled like that.
This week of unexpected reunions, hugs, and laughter started at dusk with kids playing tag and jumping over creek banks.  One little bleach blonde boy falling in because being two and wearing golashes is problematic.  I was at the same house I had attended parties at and had knocked out a boys two front teeth. I was at my childhood friend Molly's parent's house.  I watched my girls race around the twilight with the childr…


Five Minute Fridays
Scribbling about thoughts for five minutes about one word...


Isn't it funny how the same causes us not to turn our heads any more?  How the same sneaks in and is never noticed?  No longer longer ceases to be cherished. It retreats to the shadows in our mind and we look for something else.
I think the phrase is something like, "It's just more of the same."

But sometimes the same is glorious and we didn't know it.  I didn't see it for what it really was until the same was done and it changed.  Like so many leaves drifting to the ground in this early pre Autumn weather before summer breathes her last.

How much of the joy tucked in the crevices of my life have I missed because I was waiting for the same to change into something I was wishing for, waiting for, wanting to be better than what I thought this "same" was...

We creak open the battered door of our old house that w…