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Linking up with Kate Motaung at Heading Home to write about one word Here for five minutes on a Friday...hence Five Minute Fridays...
I think this is the perfect word for me to ponder.  Right now.  Right Here.  Here where I am.  
Here is where my life is happening.  It really is the only place our life is ever happening.  It is the only guarantee.  The only sure thing.  Here and Now.   Yet, how I've missed here.   We or maybe people like me are always angling, arching, reaching, trying to see over to the crest of the hill...over There... One day... And there is not a thing necessarily wrong with ambition, dreams, hopes, or wanting things here to fact those things can fuel a better here when we get there.... But if I'm not careful my life, that isn't ever about a final snapshot, but is really a time lapse of all of these precious never to be consumed again here- life runs away and I miss it.  
I know this is true.   We want change and sometimes…