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The Perspective of Being Seven

Do you ever find yourself being bombarded with unexpected questions whenever you open up a story book, ride in the car without the radio on, or gather around the table to try to eat?
I am always amazed at the questions, thoughts, and observations that my kids connect the dots to in these simple activities.   I think perhaps thats why my brain feels almost flat at the end of the day.  Like shut down mode is eminent because I've answered too many questions for the day.  Sometimes I'm lamenting it when it goes too far off topic and we never seem to finish a conversation making my brain feel pulled in five different ways; however, I love it nonetheless because it lets me peek into the beautiful minds God has given them and lets me peer into their hearts.  
At dinner Monday night the usual rapid fire conversation was going around the table.  Meredith looked at me in between bites and said matter of factly, "I want to relive my life again." I'm wondering if this is a g…

Ten Things I Love About You...

Writing about one word for five minutes...Heading Home
Remember that movie from the end of the 90’s 10 Things I Hate about You?I was in high school and watched with a group of girls who were sleepover silly. I decided my list would be ten things I love about you…my girls.

Thin willowy fingers wrapped around mine softly. Dejavu for the moment and I feel like I’m eight again with my sisters’ hand in mine.Your nails curving down just like hers.
Freckles splattered by sunshine all over cheeks’ apples and even a few flecked on your lips. Three pairs of eyes, one green with a golden center, one set true blue behind tiny frames, and one mocha dark all with different curvatures but perfectly shaped to capture my heart.  
Pig tails swishing to your rhythms making you part sassy and part innocently sweet
Story time journeys that never seem to reach an easy end, always side tracked by rabbit trail questions and all of us forgetting what page we were on or what we were talking about in th…

The Benefits

Linking up with Holley Gerth for Coffee for Your Heart

I started this post a month and a half ago and decided to conclude it today....

"Mom! She's going to throw up again!"  frantically the voice calls and I run to get more towels because I know she probably didn't make it to the toilet.
It's been a common refrain for the past almost three weeks. 
Other common scenes have been two adults willing a child to take medicine and coming up with any form of coaxing or bribery or finally resorting to, "You will have to go to the doctor and get an IV if you do not drink, eat, or take any medicine."   Taking medicine sounds so simple, but seems very daunting when it is refused by a five year old.  
Isn't that true about a lot of things with children or relationship ins and outs in general?   You might be able to escape to work and check things off of a list, point and click and make things happen, but many times in the mix of family or friendships you simpl…