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Saying "Yes" to Help

Linking up with Holley Gerth at Coffee for Your Heart where the topic of discussion is
Do you have a hard time asking for or accepting help?

And my answer would be "Ummm...yes!!!"

I know that today we live in a culture of entitlement, freebies, and lots of poor work ethic and  honestly less than high standards.  But just as we live in the thick of this we also live with many people bound by perfectionism and the refusal to need anyone, but to be veritable one people wonders who make their world spin on their own.  Seemingly.  Two opposite ends of the pendulum. 
I guess I'd much rather be camped out in the over achiever, "I need no one" category, but the truth is that mentality poisons the heart of the Spirit, the Soul.  The reality is I need nothing but help, and nothing short of a Savior for my Soul.  There is nothing within me to produce what I must have in Him.  All my efforts, ways, plans, and pursuits are phantoms that leave me dry inside despite what I may be putting out, empty on the inside despite what I may be producing to fill other's hands.  

You know when I read this writing prompt about , Do I have a hard time asking for or accepting help?  I thought about how different we are from God.  God needs none of our help.  I love those verses in Job when God deflates Job's questions by merely asking Job if He was present or a consultant for any of the amazing creative works that God did prior to human existence.  Or the creative sustenance He offers His creation that none of us ever see?  He doesn't need us, yet He wants us.  How opposite we are from Him.  
We nothing but need Him, like a nursing baby needs His mother every three hours just to live.  We need our God like we need oxygen, but we don't want to ask for Help. That ultimately leads us to hard and fast reality of burnout when it catches up to us.  And it always does.  
Yet God does not need us yet invites us to "help".  
He constructs life, fashions the universe in a way really to let us be a part of all He does.  His magnanimous plans.  Setting us up to have integral parts to play, to feel included, special, and purposeful.  Almost like He is stooping down low to the earth and giving us the opportunity to feel the wonder of being able to "help".  
It's like when your kids want to help you.  In any small task.
It's usually the addition of many extra minutes for you.  You could have had it all in the bag if it weren't for those little hands that don't quite know how to.  Especially if they are under two.  If it is baking you are fishing out egg shells, wiping down surfaces, or ignoring the presence of too much spice that was shaken out all too liberally into the pan.  If it is cleaning it is letting them spray down the windows and being okay with extra streaks because too much cleaner was doused all over the glass (because the one who sprays the cleaner is the one with the power).  It might look like a yard that isn't mowed quite evenly or straight (I know my parents were humored with my lawn mowing attempts). 
Sometimes it is like when we step in and "help" our spouses with a task that usually doesn't fall to us and to which we are not as masterful.  I always have to carefully detangle my girls' hair when my husband gives them a bath, and he always gives me the wary eye of scrutiny or slight terror when I have a paint roller in my hand.  Because we both know he can do it way better.  
The truth is God could do it all way better.  He is fully capable yet within His heart is the desire to include us.  Include us in the process, the joy of His creative work.  He knows that is what satisfies the human heart.  To serve Him and others.  And He knows that in order to serve Him and others He has to let Himself be served and we do too.  If we are to preach service to others we have to be okay with the times when others want to bless us with their service.  We have to learn to be gracious recipients too.  
I'm sure God goes about tidying up our messes here and there and mopping up our spills of over enthusiasm and perhaps laughing at some of our attempts, yet still giving us the opportunity to help.  Aren't you glad He isn't above letting us take part?  Even though He doesn't need us. 

Being self sufficient, independent, fiercely determined, and unrelenting are all great attributes as long as they do not elevate us falsely to an idea that we need no one and have no use for God.  The next time a small child asks to help you carry something inside or water a plant and by that meaning dump copious amounts of water all on one flower pot or make their bed meaning it will hang haphazardly and perhaps quite lumpy...Let them.  Or perhaps delegate some tasks to willing people within your work or ministry that would like the opportunity and would benefit from that blessing.  Even if it is not quite up to "your standards".  You know God has to lower His "standards" when He involves us.  
And the next time your spouse offers to help do not resist it simply because you think your way is better.  
We all do need help and letting other people help us makes us aware of the fact that we do not make our own universe spin and things in our lives do not need a thick veneer of perfectionism splashed over them.  We all need each other.  And we all need Jesus.  Everyday.  And we all need the purpose that God's willingness to let us serve Him brings to our lives.  

Dishwasher Help :) 3 year old Style 


  1. Hi Somer,
    It's true that God doesn't need our help yet allows us to partner with him in our endeavors in life. Knowing that we'll always need God and he is always with us is such a comfort. And I like your little dishwasher helper -- she is very busy and oh, too cute! :)

  2. Somer,
    I totally missed your blog post about your new little one and wanted to thank you for your beautiful comment on my blog today . . . praying for you, friend!


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