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I'd Pick You

Rain drizzled all week as May closed out and my suburban whisked five little girls to art camp.  My two oldest girls and two of their little pals all went together.  As we made the forty five minute drive every day the conversations to be had by a 7,6,5, and 4 year old and many interjections from a two year old were mixed and interesting.  To say the least.
Topics ranged from many things.  One discussion raged on who was actually the biggest.  Isn't this always a topic among young kids?  Did age or height or size qualify who was the oldest?
One conversation that week had me appealing to genetics as the two oldest girls asked me "Who is going to wear a bra first?"  I couldn't help but laugh in surprise at this question posed by a six and seven year old.
Lots of Taylor Swift songs were belted out and the car took on a menopausal state as all cars do with little girls.  "It's hot!" "No, I'm cold!"  The windows would glide up and down.  Ai…

Saying "Yes" to Help

Linking up with Holley Gerth at Coffee for Your Heart where the topic of discussion is
Do you have a hard time asking for or accepting help?

And my answer would be "Ummm...yes!!!"

I know that today we live in a culture of entitlement, freebies, and lots of poor work ethic and  honestly less than high standards.  But just as we live in the thick of this we also live with many people bound by perfectionism and the refusal to need anyone, but to be veritable one people wonders who make their world spin on their own.  Seemingly.  Two opposite ends of the pendulum. 
I guess I'd much rather be camped out in the over achiever, "I need no one" category, but the truth is that mentality poisons the heart of the Spirit, the Soul.  The reality is I need nothing but help, and nothing short of a Savior for my Soul.  There is nothing within me to produce what I must have in Him.  All my efforts, ways, plans, and pursuits are phantoms that leave me dry inside despite what I may be…

Five Minute Fridays #Gift

Today its finally sunny! I'm a day late in participating in Five Minute Fridays, so here is a six minute Saturday.  Linking up with Kate Motaung at Heading Home to write about one word, Gift, for five (or six) minutes.....


I usually get the idea to give a gift somewhat on a whim. I might be driving somewhere or inside a store and something catches my eye that I just feel the urge to give to someone.  The other day as rained poured I was prompted to go buy a summer bouquet and leave them on a friends table.  Someone important, special in my life that I felt God wanted me and I wanted to know.  Again.  Even though I tell them a lot.
I've always thought that I need to have a slot in my budget for giving gifts because it is my number one favorite thing to spend money on.  It's addicting you know?  Giving things to other people in many ways is giving to yourself.  The words tucked into Acts, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." (Acts 20:35) speak of thi…

Better Together

Linking up with Holley Gerth at Coffee for Your Heart.  Today's writing prompt is this :
Who in your life lives these words: “I don’t have it all together. But I believe we’re better together.”
Whenever I hear phrases that link the two words better and together I am instantly transported to my high school with its unique gymnasium floor crisscrossed with red and blue lines.  I'm on the sidelines in front of a row of bleachers trying to hold back a smile as I glance to the mischief filled eyes of a few of my teammates.  One of them is still one of my closest friends.  There is no air conditioning and sweat is dripping rivers down my back.  All of our knee pads are up and our sleeves are tucked up like haphazard muscle tees as we lean into a huddle to conclude another practice.  Our overly serious coach barks, "On three 'Together We're Better!'" The few rebels of us look and laugh as we over the top roar the one cheer that always makes us laugh because we can…