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Coffee for Your Heart, "What would you say to Guilt?"

Linking up with Holley Gerth at Coffee for Your Heart and the topic is "What would you say to guilt?"

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Dear Guilt,

I feel like I can call you Dear because you are such a constant companion.  One that weaves its way into the fabric of most of my life.  Starting back in elementary school and hovering close by as years morph into decades.
But really there isn't anything dear about you.
You cleverly disguise yourself as conviction many times.  As a sensitive conscience.  But you are anything but a motivator for progress, instead you are a fear monger.  Like one of those monks of old making us feel like inner self flagellation is the only way to freedom.  You feel righteous, but instead you cripple us by hemming us into the past.  Making our views of righteousness just dependent on us and how sorry we are and how many hoops we are willing to jump through to prove it.
You cause that paralysis …


I haven't done this in months.  Linking up with Kate Motaung at Heading Home to write about one word for five minutes...


Rise sounds so powerful.  Like a dramatic way to wake up, lift off, power soar upwards.  Its no wimpy word.
Maybe thats why merely pushing through difficult days laden with doubts and darkness feels nothing akin to the courage in the word Rise.
Rising sounds like pushing past bleak circumstances and fist pumping upwards to a higher place of hopeful perspective where the fray doesn't cloud your vision.
It hasn't felt like I've done much rising in the past six months, just floundering.

One frigid January evening, minutes before the winter sun burned out eclipsed by darkness I had a friend tell me courage, "Sunrises and sunsets look often times the same.  But your sun is rising, not setting."
I was looking at that bold  sunset splashed all over a January backdrop when I read those words and I smiled hopeful at that thought.   Beca…