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Starry Night Shows

"What's one thing that helps you say "no" to what's good so you can say "yes" to God's best?"  
This is the question asked by Holley Gerth at relating to her new book,
Your Loved No Matter What: Freeing Your Heart From the Need to Be Perfect.

During this strange season of my life I do not claim to hold answers or be living those answers out successfully.  But I do have a general rule of thumb that has guided a lot of the choices I make.  Not always, but usually my frame of reference.  It is, relationships trump just about everything else.
I am one of those people who will drop just about any task for someone who wants to connect.  That can be negative sometimes because things tend to pile up and feelings of being overwhelmed mount; however, usually the pay off is worth it.
I thought about that the other day as I thought about how many friends I've been blessed to have come and go through different phases and then so…