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Life threads themes through our lives.  Usually they run parallel.  A few lessons God is trying to weave into the thick cord of our soul and He uses different skeins of thread to do so.

Different seasons bring different themes and some of those lessons are much easier and pleasant than others.
Have you ever been through a painful season?  One where the needle looped with thread pierces and leaves you wanting to escape.  To leave this part of the piece undone, unfinished?

We all have.
I feel like God has been doing a lot of opening and revealing the past year and it has stung me. Not all of it has been things I need to change or do differently.  Many things are perhaps misperceptions or burdens I'm supposed to shed.  But it's been hard not to squirm,

Congruent to this has been common threads of vulnerability. Learning how to be.  Letting myself expose my weaknesses.  Ask for help. Lastly to be honest.

Honest about who I really am.
Honesty is so powerful.  I can hide behind the door and see the shafts of light underneath.  I know better life exists on the other side where truth is, but the dark hides, cloaks keeps me safe.  I think.
Sometimes though the thing I need most to break the hold of something weighing me down most is to open the door of honesty and walk through to hope.

You have to gingerly approach this.  Turn the knob with caution and find the proper heart to whisper the truth to.  Honest words can't be pearls thrown to swine.  People who will trample over the brokenness behind them.  God gives us those people with whom we can expose our weaknesses and then hold hands with to walk through to light.  It is amazing how much power those dark things lose when we finally form words around the truth and speak it.  Break the hold by naming the truth.
Its like that term honest to goodness.
Honesty and openness when done in the safety of a gentle soul can lead us into finally some soul relief, peace knowing that we aren't alone.  We are all in this together full of our own deep brokenness and shortcomings.  Our honest vulnerability many times serves as the hinges that swing other people's dark secrets open.  It brings us together to embrace people instead of locking us all in our separate closets alone left to suffer silently yet pretend that we are all good.
It always stuns you when you speak something you perceive to be so ugly about you and the other person looks at you nods and says, "Me too."  You can both breathe easier. You realize that the wall you think is so unscalable might just crash down because you aren't alone.

I am so thankful for the small circle of people God has sent into my life this past year that have shared honest with me.   Open.  Vulnerable.  A couple very unexpected people and a couple old life friends with whom I have experienced no rejection just love and the byproduct is hope, deep real relationships, and freedom.  Lastly,  judgment falls off.  When I am open with someone and they with me we realize we have no room to harbor judgment, just hold mercy out to each other.  I love what James says, "Mercy triumphs over judgment."  The best way to release someone to be honest about themselves is to start with you.

two people with whom i find space to be honest 


  1. Somer,
    I was so excited to see a post from you on Holley's link-up today! So glad you are back to sharing your thoughts with us, friend!

    I just love this: "Many things are perhaps misperceptions or burdens I'm supposed to shed." God has been bringing this to my attention too lately and I'm trying to replace those with his words and it's slowly changing me. I have long believed misperceptions about myself because they have grown along with me over time and God is showing me it's about time to shed them.

    How wonderful that you have special friendships in your life that are beautiful examples of God's love to us! So glad you're back to blogging, Somer -- I missed you!

  2. This was beautiful- I love the yarn analogy- I like to knit, but am not too good at it! The yarn is what draws me into a new project before I can finish the one I am on! i like the idea of shedding things - Gods doing some of that in my life lately and it is hard.- Thanks for your lovely post!


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