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Five Minute Fridays #Visit

It's been several weeks for me to exercise my brain and type.  Gonna give it a try with Kate at Heading Home to write for five minutes about one word....

Friendship is built out of many things.  Notes scrawled thick in your own hand.  Arms wrapped in hugs that actually mean something.  Sideways knowing smiles that mean more than words.  Hearts that actually listen and look beyond the surface.  Many times friendships blossom deeply in the visits.

Sometimes clouds hang thick, dark and block out the sunshine your soul thrives best in.  You miss it. You don't feel yourself anymore and can't quite figure out how to chase the clouds away and see azure sky stream through.  You just can't quite pick out what's not working.  You don't know what exactly is wrong.
And then your true blue childhood friend decides to visit.  You know one of those rare friends that has known you at all stages of your life.  Sees you in the full spectrum of who you have been, are, and…