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Coffee for Your Heart.

It's a New Year and I'm trying to get back in the swing of things on this winter gripped Wednesday.  Linking up with Holley at Coffee For Your Heart.

 January opened the door to a week of sickness and cabin fever.  We had avoided all sickness for December.  It was our time.  Baby girl did not leave the house for seven days, except for one trip to the doctor.  And we are all still nursing sniffles and sore throats.  An end is in sight with the end of the week.  Weeks like that are hard.  Hard to think right.
Last week started off rough.  Before the sickness came unexpected changes and news looming ahead. Changes not planned for and others planned, but that fill me with apprehension.  I have to say that last week being shut in with fears and uncertainties and sick kids was one of the hardest, draining weeks I have had in a very long time.
At one point this weekend I realized that just stretching my mouth into a smile seemed foreign.  Difficult.  Unnatural.  Hard.
I was depressed.

Problems always seem magnified when you have nothing but time and the same surroundings to think about them.  And thats what I had.

In the middle of that runny nose feverish week there were a few beauty spots.  Here's the one that meant the most to me.

I was freezing, unable to warm up so I did what I've always done and found the heating grate and sat next to it.  I had my Bible in my lap hoping to read a few verses without being disturbed.  I needed some hope.  Baby girl who was the most sick sat there with a nose river running and a popsicle she had begged for.  I was happy to give her something to eat, finally.  She sat in front of me licking dripping chocolate and pointed to me holding my Bible.
Her brown eyes fever weak, lit love and she whispered to me, "God loves you much mama."
I was stunned.  I couldn't believe she had said those pearls to next to an old heating vent licking a popsicle in our pajamas.  Then she said it again, "God loves you much mama."  Like I needed to hear it again.  And I did.
And for whatever reason God's voice to me came in the stuffy nose baby girl voice of my two year old.  And I listened.  Thats a beautiful moment hidden in a very messy week.


  1. Oh... what a beautiful retelling of such a powerful moment. God bless you and your sweet kids... and may everyone be healthy very soon. Until then, warm yourself by that grate and with His love. :)

  2. Somer,
    Missed reading you during the holidays but what a discouraging time of post-holiday sickness for you. (What a beautiful photo of your girl in your post, though!)

    During discouraging times last year, I would crawl to the feet of the Holy One and talk, even when I didn't feel like it and couldn't see his hand because of the worry and despair clouding my perspective, but somehow in the very mystery of how he works, he would send a word of comfort or a blog post or an encouraging comment (many times from you Somer!) and I knew he was very near. Praying this for you during these difficult days and that soon, you will feel warmer, well, and oh so wrapped in his love!

  3. Somer,
    Just wanted to let you know you were on my heart and in my thoughts this morning and I'm praying for you, friend! :)

  4. That sweet moment will keep you going. God does love you much!
    I am glad you are on the mend and that you had a chance to smile in the middle of a tough time!


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