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Five Minute Fridays #Send

Linking up with Kate at Heading Home to write about one word for Five Minutes...

I hadn't heard her voice in years.  Several.  But one day for whatever reason I decided my heart had to write her and find out.  Notes had always been a vehicle. Notes penned on college ruled paper and passed in history and spanish class.  Always scrolling pretty cursive from her and barely legible scratch from me.  Filled with nonsense, plans for the weekend, comments about cute boys, or as always from her encouraging Bible verses.

After high school finished and we said good bye for several years.  I found some of our old notes.  And I had to pull out some stationery and write again.
I remember the way I would pen something about my life in this patch of grass, labor over it for awhile, and then double check that all of the words I started out painstakingly writing so they wouldn't need to be decoded ended up needing a little interpretation. I'd sift through the scratch and retrace ove…

Coffee For Your Heart, News I don't want to Miss

It's a wintry Wednesday.  Schools are closed and snow kissed all the sidewalks and frosted tipped the grass.  The perfect January day.  I'm linking up with Holley Gerth at Coffee for Your Heart  to write a few minutes about something uplifting...

I used to be someone plugged into the News.  I always had talk radio playing in my car.  I wanted to stay relevant and aware of all the news going on around me.  I wanted to be informed and not swallow lost in the great chasm of life and more particularly motherhood.  I remember even when I became a stay at home mom I had those programs on while washing dishes and doing chores.  My radio broke, because some little girls shoved too many cd's into the player at once and that was the end of me and talk radio.  I'd still turn it on in the car sometimes, but my kids did not appreciate all that information.
Slowly but surely I became that woman who really did not know the every day happenings of the world around her.  I didn't …

Five Minute Fridays #Welcome

Linking up with Kate Heading Home to write about one word for five minutes


I don't have a lot of special gifts.  It's true.  And I know it.  I always fought against that as a little girl. Try harder, smile bigger, please someone else.  Try something else.  Or be perfect at something.
I tried to pave the way to a better me.
But honestly there weren't that many niches I found myself fitting nicely in.
I seemed to be rather awkward at most things I tried.  Never getting them quite right.  And that only was exacerbated by the nervousness that accompanied me when I tried new things.  Fearing the fail.

Of course I did have a couple bright patches.  I really did love to learn and I loved to study.  And I still miss school.  I could get book lost and imagination shipwrecked easily.  I did dream big and I had a heart full of hopes.

As the years have added up and thirty is staring at me six weeks from now I have to say that I am more comfortable in what I cannot do.  I&…

Coffee for Your Heart.

It's a New Year and I'm trying to get back in the swing of things on this winter gripped Wednesday.  Linking up with Holley at Coffee For Your Heart.

 January opened the door to a week of sickness and cabin fever.  We had avoided all sickness for December.  It was our time.  Baby girl did not leave the house for seven days, except for one trip to the doctor.  And we are all still nursing sniffles and sore throats.  An end is in sight with the end of the week.  Weeks like that are hard.  Hard to think right.
Last week started off rough.  Before the sickness came unexpected changes and news looming ahead. Changes not planned for and others planned, but that fill me with apprehension.  I have to say that last week being shut in with fears and uncertainties and sick kids was one of the hardest, draining weeks I have had in a very long time.
At one point this weekend I realized that just stretching my mouth into a smile seemed foreign.  Difficult.  Unnatural.  Hard.
I was depresse…