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Five Minute Fridays, Adore

It's a beautiful quiet morning here (at least for five minutes).  Linking up with Kate at Heading Home for five minutes of writing about one word, Adore.  

Last night I shuffled hesitantly into the local civic center.  I was meeting a group of women I didn't know very well from church.  Someone had graciously paid for me to go to a Third Day Christmas Concert, so you know...I had to go.  I love Mac Powell and all.  
Before I got to the concert though frustrations emerged.  I knew I had said I would go and therefore had to go, but nothing about my spirit wanted to go.  Perky Christmas music in no way fit my mood.  And I did not want to fake it.  I sat in my car stewing and talking out loud to myself.  Trying to process my feelings and maybe they'd all just fizzle out.
I went in anyway.
And I'm so glad I did. 
You see there is something so good about being able to leave the thoughts blitzing through your head at lightening speed for two hours.  I was not very familiar with any of the women I was with so I was able to just be quiet, contemplative, and just soak in the words.   Christmas music always makes most people smile and I noticed that a smile was starting to tickle and tug the edge of my lips.  It slowly stretched over my face.
Thats what worship does, adoration.  It fixes the gaze elsewhere.  
It is the doorway that invites you to leave the mess of now for a few minutes and enjoy the beauty of Heaven.  
I actually thought about that as I was sitting there listening to an old Third Day song.  How one day when I'm given the invitation to just walk on into Heaven, I will and will not look back.  That probably sounds cold, but that was how I was feeling last night.  To know that when we leave the mess of here and enter there, we won't want to come back.  All of this will be finished. Done. Swallowed up by the unfading glory of Eternity.  
We all need those moments of hope.  Where Jesus uses His love and grace to cup our face and draw our face up.  To Him.  
I needed it last night. 
My favorite moment was when Mac Powell started talking about hymns.  How we can't lose the richness that comes from them. He started singing Blessed Assurance.  I love that song.  And I love it even more because of who wrote it.  Frances J. Crosby.  Blind in body, but fully seeing in the spiritual realm.  Her story always amazes me.  All the richness that came out of her little frame that couldn't see.  She's given us so many treasures.  As Mac Powell with his long flowing hair and rock voice sang those lines, 
"Perfect submission, perfect delight,
Visions of rapture now burst on my sight;
Angels, descending, bring from above
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love."

I had to smile.  I thought back to that tiny little, dark framed glasses wearing woman.  How she never knew as she penned all those rich pieces of faith, that we over a hundred years later would still be using those words to enter into the presence of God.  That we'd still be joining her in that song. 
Her spiritual vision birthed these words and even though we wouldn't know her, her words would help us know Him.  
Entering into adoration doesn't have to be complicated, showy, or like everyone else.  Sometimes its just quietly sitting somewhere with your legs pulled up to your chest letting the words of a saint now a hundred years dead (99 to be exact)  fill your heart with hope.   

My personal favorite from Frances Crosby, Draw Me Nearer.  That is rich. 
Oh wait, I think it's Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior. 
Who knows,  I'm just thankful we are still singing those songs.  


  1. These words: "It is the doorway that invites you to leave the mess of now for a few minutes and enjoy the beauty of Heaven". Absolutely beautiful. I can so understand the not wanting to go because you're not int he mood...and it seems like if I go anyway, I always end up blessed!


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