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Five Minute Fridays, Adore

It's a beautiful quiet morning here (at least for five minutes).  Linking up with Kate at Heading Home for five minutes of writing about one word, Adore.  
Last night I shuffled hesitantly into the local civic center.  I was meeting a group of women I didn't know very well from church.  Someone had graciously paid for me to go to a Third Day Christmas Concert, so you know...I had to go.  I love Mac Powell and all.   Before I got to the concert though frustrations emerged.  I knew I had said I would go and therefore had to go, but nothing about my spirit wanted to go.  Perky Christmas music in no way fit my mood.  And I did not want to fake it.  I sat in my car stewing and talking out loud to myself.  Trying to process my feelings and maybe they'd all just fizzle out. I went in anyway. And I'm so glad I did.  You see there is something so good about being able to leave the thoughts blitzing through your head at lightening speed for two hours.  I was not very familiar wi…

Coffee For Your Heart, Indefatigable

Linking up with Holley Gerth's Coffee for Your Heart
 Those bags under my eyes.I earned them.I can say it.They may slightly start to resemble my dad's, but they definitely didn’t get there by chance.More like the furrow of brow in late night squint mode that never got to go to bed and stay asleep for more than six hours total in the past 7 years. I’ve never been someone who lingered long wedged in the comforter and sheets.I wish I was.I used to hear teenagers talk about what it was like to sleep til noon on Saturdays and I nodded wistfully, but I didn’t know.I just couldn’t do that. I still can’t.Despite the fact that I think if I actually did get into a sleep that was deep for long enough I might just go into a coma and come out sometime next spring.And I don’t think my body would’ve caught up.
I remember mandatory Sunday nap time.  How I hated it.Yes, my parents firmly insisted upon that once a week tradition and I remember the way I submitted in body but nothing about my …

FiveMinuteFridays Prepare

Linking up with Kate for Five Minute Fridays at Heading Home to write for five minutes about one word,


I used to be a cook book woman.  One of those women that loved to cook.  I used to peruse over Ina Garten's museum of entertaining masterpieces and even attempt to make some of the incredible dishes.  And some of mine turned out.  Of course left in the wake was almost every square inch of my kitchen covered in flour and kitchen gadgets.
Not now.
For different reasons I somehow lost that joy.  Maybe it was those years spent stretching dollars without extra money for ingredients. Or perhaps it is the fact that the children under my eaves didn't appreciate it.  And sometimes you finally decide that making two dinners is not worth it.
Lastly, perhaps it was because I started seeing hospitality in a different light.
I grew up with a mother who loves to entertain and bake.  Everything from scratch and beautiful. I can honestly say that almost everything my mom makes is wo…

Love Does and Jenna Does Too

Linking up with Kate at Heading Home for Five Minute Fridays and Holley Gerth at Coffee for Your Heart

That first night of March I carried one kid on a hip and a menagerie of items in my hands.  I  walked up to my house and spied a package.  I knew from whom it was before I ever checked the handwriting or address.  It was from my heart friend Jenna.  She always sends me a package every birthday.  For all of these years.
Instantly I smiled.  There's a big smile reserved for care packages, boxed love appearing every Christmas and birthday.
I put the babe down, the girls started begging to open the package.  We had to.  Then. We love Jenna-packages.
Scissors scored the tape loose and I unceremoniously ripped open the package.  There was my card that I saved with all of the rest.  I had to pull it out and savor all the words.  It's one of those beautifully sappy cards you get.  That you read and then re read a few times and laugh every time you do.  In the package there was also…

Real Gifts

Linking up with Holley Gerth at Coffee for Your Heart.

I heard her piqued voice, "I know they want this gift.  It's two hundred dollars. I don't have two hundred dollars to spend on this."
"Seriously, that's ridiculous" I try to cut through the panic in her voice.  "You can't do that.  You are struggling as it is." Her eyes register that truth back to me.

This conversation mimics ones I replay in my head every Christmas or hear other people say every Christmas.
One of my closest friends told me a couple of Christmases ago that her sister had already went to the store of choice and placed on hold the items she wanted. "I've already picked out and put the sweater on hold.  All you have to go is go pick it up."
I don't know that sort of steals the beauty of giving a gift, don't you think? And being me, I probably would not have done that.  I would have resisted that very un-Christmas approach.

I've been in that g…