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Your Words Are Famous Here

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We all have them.

Those phrases that once spoken became a novelty of sorts and now regularly roll off the tongue.
I remember the ones that flavored my childhood home.  They were always phrases and pronunciations of my sister who could not form hard 'r's.  Or her dramatic speeches about horses.  My dad continued to use some of our mispronunciations as we were going up.  Or there were the observations that I made as a four year old that he would remind me of.  Sort of like quotable quotations.  Once a four year old blonde girl named Somer said, "With everything I have to do if its possible I'll do it." He's never let me forget that and sometimes interjects it into conversations back at me.
Families speak a dialect all their own colored by the phrases they've coined over the years.

My husband and I do the same thing.  Special words we speak to each other that would make absolutely no sense to anyone else.
We say things that our kids say. Silly things that steal our hearts.
Our four year old started ending conversations with the phrase, "Luv ya, puv ya, nuv ya."  Like a four year old rapper.  My sister even started using it to end conversations with.  (It also had the clause "shove ya" which was quite fitting because Madelyn practices shoving on the regular - but feeling a show of guilt she decided to remove this piece of the phrase.  I'm glad.  It did sound a little aggressive.)

We mixed a rap song for Madelyn where we all sang her phrase and I smile when I kiss my husband on the cheek as he leaves and he says, "Luv ya, puv ya."  I get it. Even though the word is still out on what this phrase means.

 If i need good material my oldest is always the one to call upon.  She's filled with interesting observations about the world stringing words together in a fashion that makes me think.

A couple of weeks ago I was at my mom's house with the girls and one of the girls old phrases came up.  "You know they  still use that word in Carolina now." (Referencing where all my extended family lives) My mom said in an accent so thick that it would appear she just crossed the NC line.
A smile twitched at  my Madelyn's lips and then spread over her face and lit fire in her eyes. Her words mattered.

"Your words are famous Madelyn."  

I nod and think, "I want you to know girl, Your words are famous here.  They matter here."  She smiles.

As I say these words to my kids and think them in my heart I’ve got to ask the question. “Whose words are famous in our lives?  In our hearts?  In my life?  Whose words settle down and form a base to build a life around?”

How many times have I countered the beautiful words of my husband simply because they came from him.  We just discussed this the other day. 
“I tell you _____ and you say ‘You have to say that because you’re my husband. But thanks.’”  He tells me plainly with a smirk on his face.
Yes, I know I’ve done that.  I’ve heard his words and yet refused to really hear them because they came from him. 
They were spoken out of love so that they might bloom confidence in my heart, but I negated them thinking that someone else’s words would somehow be more valuable. 
I nod my head and my eyes look embarrassed.  I know I'm guilty.  

I think about Jesus and how His words are supposed to be most famous in my heart.  The ones that pervade my mind, captivate my heart, and transform my life. 
How often have they?  Or how often have I let a mind run wild with my own fearful thoughts instead of letting His words soak peace and breathe life into my inmost parts? 

Something that strikes me is the fact that our words have weight with God.  He knows them, fully.  Psalm 139 says, “Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord know it completely.”  This Psalm talks about the detailed knowledge that God possesses of the entirety of our lives.  That He “perceives my thoughts from afar.” 
Our lives matter to God. 
Our words matter to God.
Often times at the heart of what is most often the matter with me is when I get lost in the words of the Enemy that whispers, “You don’t matter to God.”

Francesca Battistelli says in her song ‘He Knows My Name’. The song my middle girl keeps singing. 
“I’m famous in my Father’s eyes.  He knows my name.”  I don’t  need the approval of other people when I know that my Father deeply loves and accepts me. No other can top that. 

It’s sort of like hearing my dad lovingly interject those phrases of long ago that I used to tell him.  Like how I used to tell him to play golf, “It’s like this dad.  Hit the ball in the hole.  It’s how you do it.”  His blue eyes crinkle laughter still as he recounts me raking the bunkers and making five year old observations.  Or the way He will still play my favorite songs and sometimes ask me to dance with him in the kitchen to ‘Forever Young’.  He treasures me.  
And yet,
I know that my Father God still holds my thoughts in His loving heart and cherishes me.  Even more than my own Father. So much more. 
It’s an amazing truth to stumble on.  That the Famous One values you and me.  That he takes deep notes on the whole of our lives.  (Psalm 139).  Knows us better than we do and still chooses to lavish upon us the deep redeeming love of His salvation.    
Like my husband's approval of me, shouldn't we most accept the love of the One who knows us best? Shouldn't they be the words most precious, most valued, most believed?  
"How precious to me are your thoughts, God!  How vast the sum of them!  Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of the sand"

God, I want Your words to be famous in my heart.  The lifeblood of my life. 

 I want to run to Your words first.  To be like Peter and say with the attention of my life, "Lord to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life."  (John 6:68)

Girls, your words are famous here 

my sweet dad


  1. What a beautiful concept--and one we all need to ponder each day--our words are famous in God's heart! Thank you for pointing this out in such a sweet way. Our words matter--all because of love.

    1. I try to think about that when I am trying to gain approval or seem to not be able to get it from people i believe I most need it. I already have it in the eyes of God, that can be and should be enough. But like you said, I have to remember it regularly.

  2. Somer,
    What a way to make your girls feel special by making their words famous! Your family sounds so special and loving and what a wonderful trait to pass on to your girls. I also love how you point out that our words matter to God.

    Even when we feel like he may not hear them or when we are convinced we don't matter to him, we are his chosen daughters -- love that!

    I so enjoy hearing about your family adventures! :)

  3. Valerie, thanks for always reading my every day adventures. I love all your input. I want my girls to know that I treasure them. I think Mary did that right? She treasured or pondered the things up in her heart? ( I can't be that, but I'd like to practice it). We have to get that we matter to God. It's the only way to have a calm heart and then transfer that confidence and love onto others. You can't pass on what you don't know yourself. I know God has been trying to teach me that. If I want confident secure women to grow out of my little girls' hearts I have to show them that. There is only One who can secure a heart. Love you Valerie!!!!

  4. what a sweet story about your girls. It is so great how you are building them up!
    I am guilty of letting the wrong opinions matter, and I too tell my husband that he has to say those things.
    I need to intentionally listen for the right voice and push out the wrong.


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