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Five Minute Fridays Notice

Linking up with Kate at Heading Home for  Five Minute Fridays to write for 5 minutes about one word.  Notice

“Let me pick you up girl,” her chocolate curls fall forward as she picks up my girl, her niece.  “You are heavy now, girl.”  She states the obvious into my girl’s green gray eyes.  “You know what that means, you’ve grown.  I hadn’t even noticed.  You’re growing up and I didn’t notice.”  She repeats the phrase again.  Her voice fills with wonder and my girl smiles quietly, happy to know someone’s noticed. 

I’ve noticed it too.  How she’s weed- like grown.  Her pants all too short and ankles peek-a-boo above her shoes.  How that little girl that’s always been two sizes off is now clearly in her right size.
She still wants those mama arms wrapped tight around her as she climbs the stairs at night.  My arms are fuller as her legs almost scrape the steps now.  She begs for pick up so she can stare into the reptile cages as we pet shop gaze.  It’s harder.  She’s over half my short height now and she has gotten heavy.  I can’t hold her above me for as long anymore. 

It’s amazing that so often growth happens like that.  Fields seem fallow.  Life seems to be still in the cocoon of wait, yet at just the right time the growth surges. 
All that time, investment, tending and it finally births a crop.

Life in the Spirit is like that too. I’m waiting for change and trying to make it happen.  Sometimes thinking it’s not ever going to materialize.  That I’m going to be rut stuck always.   That I haven’t made any progress.  Or a situation remains dark, unchanging.  All my prayers and others' faith, will the door ever open? 
And then, someone says those same growth words to me and I realize change has happened, growth has happened and I hadn’t even noticed. 
I come to know the reality of those words, “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” 

Didn't Jacob's words mirror that theme when he dream awakes out in the wilderness? He's a fast fugitive in the depths of deceit, but God reveals Himself in a dream of a Heavenly stair case and promises Him a rich future.  Jacob says, "Surely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it...How awesome is this place!  This is none other than the House of God..." (Genesis 28)

Sometimes it is in the depths of what seems darkness that God's presence could not be stronger, we just haven't noticed. 

I think we get to notice a lot on this side of Heaven.  God gives us glimpses into what He is doing and all the beauty He has created with His story.  We get to see lots of the picture, but I wonder how amazing it will be to step through to the other side and say almost like my sister, “Wow.  Look at that. God, You worked all those strange pieces together.  It was and is beautiful.  And I hadn’t even noticed.” 


  1. Love the description of your daughter's growth. Mine is the same way. One day the length on the pants is fine, the next, her ankles are peeking out!

  2. Oh, I love your words today, about growth and about Heaven. You really put it all together. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love your comparison between physical growth and spiritual growth. Love that we can be confident ... That God is working His change in us.

  4. Yay! Let's praise God for the work He's already started doing in our lives! I can't help but think that our fervant praise will open up the floodgates for more healing, more growth, more joy.

    Thanks for your thoughtful words, Summer. I hope this has been a good weekend for you ...

  5. An amazing piece of writing. Your last line had me in tears. Thank you. I absolutely loved this post! [A fellow FMF-er].

  6. What a great reminder to wait for growth, even when it seems so far off. Thanks Somer! :)

  7. thank you to all you sweet ladies for your comments and thoughts! have a beautiful thanksgiving!


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