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Five Minute Fridays: Give

It's been a brimming over cup of joy the past 30 hours or so.  Three gatherings, rich food, loud laughter, and plenty of hide and seek for the kids.
I'm still awake in the aftermath so I'm linking up with Kate at Heading Home for Five Minute Fridays  to write about one word 'Give' for five minutes.

I heard it last week in strained tones, "I've got no extra money for Christmas gifts this year."
I heard it today from someone else, "I'm broke."  A wry grin crossed a face and we nodded at each other.
I chuckled, "Hey we know about that." We exchanged a smile.
Different conversations with young single people in the family.

Heard the same theme with different families about a seemingly small Christmas.

We discuss that every Christmas. We really do not have the extra money and how are we going to spread whats thin, even thinner.
Sometimes we make pacts to not buy that gift and then in the last hour we just know we have to give.


Coffee for Your Heart: Throwback Thanksgiving

Linking up with Holley Gerth at Coffee For Your Heart  this drizzly Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Eight Thanksgivings ago it was my first Thanksgiving with my husband.  That first Thanksgiving that comes with splitting the time between in laws and not waking up early to find my mom rolling out pie crusts and the house awash in the smell of a turkey drowning in butter and scallions.
Of course it was special because it was our first one as a married couple.   I have two memories that have remained from it.  The first being that my husband decided to become a hunter.  I could say more about that.  Humorous and not, but I'm skipping to the real treasure I still have tucked within my mind from Thanksgiving 2006.

I was twenty one and still had a semester left of college when I said "I do" to my husband one steamy July afternoon that year.  I had a part time job at a local nursing home that morphed into a full time job after I finished school.  For three days  a week I got to…

Five Minute Fridays Notice

Linking up with Kate at Heading Home for  Five Minute Fridays to write for 5 minutes about one word.  Notice

“Let me pick you up girl,” her chocolate curls fall forward as she picks up my girl, her niece.“You are heavy now, girl.”She states the obvious into my girl’s green gray eyes.“You know what that means, you’ve grown.I hadn’t even noticed.You’re growing up and I didn’t notice.”She repeats the phrase again.Her voice fills with wonder and my girl smiles quietly, happy to know someone’s noticed.
I’ve noticed it too.How she’s weed- like grown.Her pants all too short and ankles peek-a-boo above her shoes.How that little girl that’s always been two sizes off is now clearly in her right size. She still wants those mama arms wrapped tight around her as she climbs the stairs at night. My arms are fuller as her legs almost scrape the steps now.She begs for pick up so she can stare into the reptile cages as we pet shop gaze.It’s harder.She’s over half my short height now and she has gotten…

Your Words Are Famous Here

Linking up with Holley Gerth at Coffee for Your Heart

We all have them.

Those phrases that once spoken became a novelty of sorts and now regularly roll off the tongue.
I remember the ones that flavored my childhood home.  They were always phrases and pronunciations of my sister who could not form hard 'r's.  Or her dramatic speeches about horses.  My dad continued to use some of our mispronunciations as we were going up.  Or there were the observations that I made as a four year old that he would remind me of.  Sort of like quotable quotations.  Once a four year old blonde girl named Somer said, "With everything I have to do if its possible I'll do it." He's never let me forget that and sometimes interjects it into conversations back at me.
Families speak a dialect all their own colored by the phrases they've coined over the years.

My husband and I do the same thing.  Special words we speak to each other that would make absolutely no sense to anyone el…

Five Minute Fridays #Still

Happy Friday, it sure is chilly.  I think Winter just gave Autumn the early good-bye.  I'm linking up with Kate at Heading Home for five minute fridays.  Five minutes of free writing on one word, Still.


Today she wakes up four.  Today and for two days more.  I'm going to be intentional about drinking it in.  Cupping her face and tickling her chin.  It's the last days of four and its never going to happen again.
Everyone has their favorite ages.  It's hard for me to pick one.  I love two (i don't see anything terrible about them - except the lack of sleep).  I love the age my oldest girl is in now.  Six and almost seven. She's fully coming into her own personality.  It's saucy, creative, and totally unique to her.  It runs independently and makes "observations" or "philosophies"as she calls it.  I noticed something different about her when she crossed over the threshold and started elementary school.

But I do have a four year old.…