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Offer Joy: Third Girl

Moriah is 2 

So after a messy almost two weeks I'm back in the saddle.

I had meant to count 31 blessings in my life and fill October with thanksgiving and joy; however, I stumbled, fumbled, lost count.

What better way to regroup than the birthday of my baby girl?

I've always heard it said about the baby.  How your heart melts a little quicker, a little more.
How you can't help but linger longer, cradle the baby moments close.
It's true.
I feel it when I hold her.  I want to cherish all those sweet baby moments, prolong them, savor them.

I've been through second birthdays with my other two girls and they were sweet and oh so special; but as the days of September rolled fast into October and Friday dawned cloudless and jeweled blue I could not help but think in amazement, "Two is already here."
I felt like time marched so much more slowly with my older girls, but decided to sprint fast with this chocolate eyed baby of mine.

Third girl has always been a blessing.  All of them have.  She has always been so special to me.

I retrace my steps back almost three years ago.  I was wanting to be pregnant again.  To have our third child.  I just knew the baby would be a boy that would have my dad's name and his beloved uncle's name.  I just knew. Or thought I did.

When I found out one mild February morning that a baby would be joining our family in October I never thought it might just be Third girl.  Another baby girl.

The more people we told the more comments we heard, "We hope its a boy."  And all the like.  Musings about my husband who would finally have a man to share the house with.  I nodded and smiled and welcomed the idea, but deep in my heart I knew that I barely dared to hope that the baby was a girl.
Did it matter? No it didn't.  Any baby would be received with great joy and showered with love.  We would recognize any baby as nothing less than a blessing straight from our All Knowing Father God. Handcrafted, fearfully, and wonderfully made.

I remember relatives so sure a Michael Brian was kicking and somersaulting beneath my skin, but one May day I remember thinking, "I'm just not that sure."  It's funny how so often we make guesses, assumptions and none of us have any idea.

I still remember the blue rock'n roll tee that I was wearing as we took our two little blondies into the ultra sound room and I settled back to find out who this baby was.
My husband anxiously waited and my heart pounded excitedly.  "We think its a boy" I told the ultra sound technician as she put the wand on my stomach and resolutely said, "Nope.  Its a girl."  The first thing that she had seen confirmed it. No doubts here. "It's another girl."
Our girls jumped up and down.  They had been rooting for another sister to join the ranks.
I smiled so big.  I could not believe it.  No one had been right.
My husband smiled and said, "You were right girls, it's another sissy."  They continued to jump and holler joy.
As we left the office I asked my husband, "Are you okay?"
"Of course I'm okay.  Why wouldn't I be?" He asked as if my question was laced with utter ridiculousness.
It wouldn't be the first.  I remember hearing all sorts of comments.  Comments filled with joy and others that said, "Maybe next time." or "Poor dad." "He needs a dog." (boy was that a mistake) "What drama!" "Three weddings? Yikes!"

After a while I grew irritated with it. I could not have been more happy.
I remember doing laundry one day and listening to the news recount places in other parts of the world where women are not highly esteemed.  I listened to a special report about gender selected abortions and the mistreatment of little girls.  I listened shocked and horrified.  How crazy.  How senseless.  How much that must hurt the heart of God who always showed love to the women He came in contact with.

I remember thinking as I felt our Third Girl flip inside me and kick my ribs, "I'm so happy our baby girl will be born to a loving home where she is welcomed with nothing less that thanksgiving and joy."

It's true.  We were so blessed on October 24th two years ago.  That beautiful and warm sunny day when she emerged.  I remember being so nervous about another c section, sleep eluded me the night before.  And a few minutes before 8 am she dawned black haired and blue eyed.
She was so patient.  She sat quietly swaddled in my husband's and mom's arms as I recovered for 3 hours post op.  I remember finally when I was in the clear and rolled to my room  and Baby Moriah was rolled in, I finally got to hold her.  Joy stretched a smile over my face beaming bright over Third Girl.
And in our first sweet pictures she is smiling, already.
Two years have grown her up, her black hair has faded into dark gold, her blue eyes colored chocolate now.  Her serious observations and short sentences light up our lives. Her sweet baby girl voice calls out, "Love you."  Her hands punctuate her sentences and their is seriousness in her dark eyes as she tells us just what she thinks we need to know. Her tiny nose crinkles laughter as her eyes dance bright when she looks at her sisters or catches the eyes of her daddy.
Third girl has daddy wrung tight around her heart.  I have never seen him melt so quickly before.

Every night that I remember I whisper to her, "God loves you." She points her fingers to the ceiling and then back down at her.  Moriah means God is my teacher and God has used this special third girl to teach me oh so many things.

I always smile secretly when I think about three girls.  Three little girls to hold and love, three little girls that will blossom into young women.
I know why.  Its always been a dream in my heart to have a house that was filled with little girls.  Sometimes God answers our desires with new ones and gives us better than we could have ever dreamed and then there are those times when He fulfills the desires He planted...thats the case with Third Girl.  I never dreamed there would be Three. Never dreamed I'd hold heart desires in my arms.  Three girls who do nothing but bless our life.

Happy Birthday Third Girl .
look at her already smiling


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