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Offer Joy: 31 Days to Full

October 7, 2014
Offer Joy, 31 Days to Full
Days 6 &7

Today as I drove my girls across town to school, I slipped my hand back to my middle girl.  She leaned forward to meet my hand and tenderly hold it.  I stretched my arm back for as long as I could and squeezed her hand.
My mind instantly traveled back to another little blonde girl leaning forward and squeezing her daddy’s hand as he drove the salesman’s car across the North Carolina border.
His tanned wrist would silently slide down and twist his hand around to open.  His gold watch would glint in the sunlight. 
I would hold his hand as long as I could reach it, he would squeeze “I love you”, and then go back to dodging and speeding through all the Oldie channels. 
It was always a special moment when my dad firmly squeezed my hand as we shared a road trip together.  A very small gesture that always made me feel special, loved, cherished. 
As I let go of my girl’s hand today I started thinking about the way I’ve held my dad’s hands, my sister’s hands, my children’s hands, and my husband’s hands and left my short 3 squeeze message, “I love you.”  Said in wrapped fingers and bent knuckles. 
Simple, to the point, silent, but loud at the same time.  
My mind flashed to my Father God.  How often does He silently, but surely reach down and squeeze my hand?

It happens all the time.
It happens when I look at blazing sunsets kissed rose pink.  So extravagantly beautiful and waiting for my eyes to enjoy. 
It happens when I tickle my baby’s tummy and hear peals of baby laughter, a sound you cannot deny as anything else but Heavenly.
It happens when a prayer is answered that I had not really believed was even heard.
It happens when a dream long buried deep within my heart is recognized and affirmed.
It happens in the unexpected love that God has splashed all over my life that I miss most of the time. 
It happens in the blue eyes of my parents brimming love to me grown and almost thirty, still loved.
It happens within the pages of my Bible, hope unfurled.
It happens in the rain water that glowed silver in the light of tonight’s full moon.
It happens in the way my God whispers forgiveness into my heart for all, all of broken me. 

After all, I am His passenger in this great ride of life.  He’s skillfully navigating and I am just enjoying being with Him. 
How has God written “I love you” into your life today?  
"I love you" in every curled orange leaf 


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