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Offer Joy, 31 Days to Full Day 2.

It's October the 1st.  My news feed held scattered pictures of people welcoming October.  It seems to be one of the favorites of most people.  Crisp, clear, comfortable weather.  Beautiful colors.  Rich traditions.
I love it too.
I was so happy two years ago when I had my very own October Baby to celebrate autumn glory and life with.
Today as I join Kate Motaung's five minute 31 writing day challenge will offer joy for the simple pleasure of losing one's first top tooth.

Today at breakfast (a rather unconventional one at that) my oldest girl bit down and exuberantly announced her tooth was sticking out.  Indeed it was.  I knew there was no way that tooth would make it long.  Excitement lit up her blue gray eyes as she gently wiggled it and tested just how loose it really was.
"Meredith," I coaxed, "Just twist it a bit or go bite into an apple."  She considered and opted for brushing her teeth.
Off she dashed up the stairs and her middle sister was fast behind her.  She brushed for just a minute and I heard the announcement, "It's out!"
A smile beamed over my face and she raced down the stairs with a cheer leader sister oh so excited too.
She had to call her grandparents, daddy, and aunt.
She could not have looked cuter as her lips parted into the biggest smile and revealed the missing tooth.
This particular tooth had caused problems for her.  She had injured it when she was just two and it had remained shorter than all the rest.  For three years now she was asked repeatedly about that tooth.
"Have you lost a tooth?" friends would ask and she would always shake her head "No. Not yet." and then explain why it never finished growing.
But finally with one bite she loosened that tooth and it came out with just a few brushes of her little tooth brush.
It's funny how life is like that so often.  That thing we are waiting for to change, to finally be done or gone...finally does. It's over in blink- of -the- eye timing and our circumstances change, just like that.
For my six year old it was that snaggle tooth that never matched and always got a question, now its bare and a badge of six year old honor.
I've had those moments happen in my life too.  Things I've begged to change or just silently wished would and one day the door opens and you walk out into new.
What joy.
I'm offering joy today for fresh October, missing top teeth, and new beginnings.  Always.


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