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Five Minute Fridays : Care Packages

It's Friday,
10 Days into my challenge to write 31 gifts I've found nestled in between the days that I cross off on my October calendar.  Days flying by so fast.
I'm linking up Kate at Five Minute Fridays and writing for Five Minutes about this word
CARE ....

Five Minute Fridays (check out all the five minute friday writers at this site)


This word flickered across the screen and I drew a blank.  Care..hmm... I care...I care about?...
And then the words switched on, sizzled like a neon sign glowing in the dark of night...
In my mind Care instantly met her best friend package.  So I'm joining care with package.
Care package.

I went off to college 11 years ago one steaming August.  I remember the clothes I pulled out to wear on my first day ( I remember and cringe - camo skirt and black adidas clogs.)
I remember the new haircut I had to go with my new phase of life.  Off chopped the long gold I had always worn and now a wispy, messy bob.  I had said good bye to several oh so close friends and now I was submerged in a new world.
I'm not too adventurous.  My trek from home had only landed me one hour away. It was hard for me. I loved having new freedom, new experiences, a new beginning; however, I was a bit unsettled.  Unsure.  Feeling like a new person I did not quite know.  Yet.

I remember walking through the postal office one day after classes to retrieve any mail and finding a manilla envelope with my name printed big and bold.  I smiled.  My mother.

My roommates and I laughed as I spilled out the contents.  Humorous, random items and a sappy note.  (The items were quirky- from magnetic butterfly stickers to a rolling pin ?)
The small packages with mystery items continued to whisk their way across the forty some miles that separated my childhood from this new beginning. The packages showed my mom in her quirky and off beat way cared.  She cared enough to assemble this package and pen out the words of love.

Fast forward to my sister's days away.  My mom still sent the packages.  To different places.  To college, to Chile when she lived abroad and shivered in soccer socks in a Chilean winter.  After college my mom sent them to apartments, to new places following my sister's new jobs.  Her boxes were more practical and included items every young single person needs, Cheap Food.
Bottles of Salad dressing, boxed food, coffee, croutons, and brownie mixes.  I've often laughed at the idea that the shipping to get these items would have paid for a nice gift card to Kroger's for my sister.
But that was not my mom, and only a care package would do.

If I go through the rolodex of memories from my childhood I see the beginnings of those care packages hatching.  My mom had a large plastic tub that was filled with beautiful floral stationery, sachets of lavender, and scratch and sniff stickers.  The Letter Box.  Regularly she would slide the letter box out and go to the important business of mailing love across state lines.  To her family and friends.  I remember watching in awe as she would flip a romantic rose and hydrangea drenched sheet of stationery over and then rub scented wax from tiny candles she purchased all over the back.
It made them smell lovely.  She would let my sister and I try too.  We would get to send a letter to our grandma or cousin decked out in baby powder scented stickers or my personal favorite, honey dew melon candle wax I had feverishly rubbed on the back for the perfect scent.

Now I'm a grown up ( maybe?) and I find myself assembling packages too.  I like to mail books and notes in the mail for my closest friends. Especially my book friend that lives lakeside in South Carolina.  We've shared so much through our favorite reads.  I like to make packages for missionaries or friends and leave them on doorsteps.
I like care packages. Not because the contents brim rich, hardly on my budget. Just because it shows that I care.  Someone cares.  God cares.  And if you see that tucked between the pages of a book or smell His goodness through a flickering candle or see His love behind the note I scrawled out...I'm happy.

Here's a new care package I'm working on.  I'd like for you to join me.
My twenty five year old neighbor has stage four pancreatic cancer.  He's a veteran.  He has a small child.  I am assembling notes of thanks, prayer, and love in a large basket to give.  I want to fill it with love and comforting items.  Like toys for their small preschool aged boy and books filled with God's love to comfort Him.
Want to Help me? I'd love for you too.  Please leave your comment here and I'll tell you how.
Join me in my care package that someone fighting for their life might know a glimpse of just how much God cares....
I've got to hurry too.  My oldest girl remarked of the urgency the other day.  "When are you going to give it mom?  We do not want to run out of time. "
She's right.
And what about you?  Who in your life are waiting to gift with something?  Something you've thought of for so long, but have never acted on.

So on Day 10 I'm offering joy for care packages I've received and the ultimate care, packaged in the skin and blood of my Savior.  I'm also wanting to be the care to a few others around me even if that looks like a wicker basket filled with notes and gift cards.

We have been on the receiving end of such sweet packages 


  1. I remember being in college and receiving these as well from my mom and sister. I am not in the place of sending them to my daughter away at college. And I have to say I love putting them together, knowing it's going to bring a little bit of home to her heart!

    Thanks for sharing your words! Stopping by from fmf

  2. When I was in college my older brother sent me a care package. It took an extra long time to get to me and when I picked it up at the post office, I got strange looks. It rattled very loudly and was quite heavy. My brother has just taken a trip to Vegas. He sent me $10 worth of quarters he had collected there. Apparently the coin roll broke apart in transit! It was a great care package, but the meaning and thought behind it were so much more!


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