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Coffee for Your Heart

It's Wednesday and October is almost gone,  All those beautiful sun drenched afternoons, orange tipped trees, and long sleeved days have clicked by so quickly.
That always makes me sad.  I can safely say that November means cooler weather and dimmer skies.
I'm linking up with Holley Gerth's  Coffee for Your Heart

I tried this month to keep a gratitude counting.  One day for a month; however, after 13 days I fell flat.  It wasn't that I had nothing to thank God for.  It was simply that I didn't have the time or rather the heart to do so.  I had to pick it back up again. But this month stung a little. If I'm honest.  I found myself having to do some heart work that I never envisioned having to do.

I'm back in the saddle of thanksgiving and today I'm thanking God for something I normally wouldn't.  I'm thanking God for the ways He makes us face people and circumstances that we'd rather run from.  There are people in my life that I want to run from. Run from the comments, the jabs, maybe just the personality that rubs me wrong.  There are things I have to do that I'd rather not, that take me to places in the past that I thought had long since gone away.  But still God takes me there.
And why?


So many times in my life I've had God take me exactly to the places where I didn't want to go to show me that He always goes with me.  That this fear real or just imaginary is never too big for Him.
It's not often fun, but standing on the other side and seeing that I got through it does bring satisfaction, confidence, and a better perspective.

One day (even if its not today) I'll be glad He did.  Be glad He made me go there, even if I never would have chosen to on my own.
Good Father's have a way of doing that.  A way of making us grow up, by holding our hands and walking with us through those dim days to the joy on the other side.


  1. Hey Summer ...

    So good to see you again! And isn't it neat that we can pick up right where we left off, that God is gracious and patient with us ... and always welcomes us back to His loving arms?

    Love that about Him!

    May you feel His love pour out on you today ...

    1. Linda, thanks for the encouraging note. I always love hearing from you! :)

  2. Oh, it's so hard to face people who bother us, rub us the wrong way and just plain annoy us. Thank you for the reminder that we should be thankful for those opportunities and see them as a place where we can grow in God's grace.

    1. Well, I hope so. I hope I'm living proof of that or at least i'm being chiseled into that ;) work in progress for sure. Thanks!

  3. Somer,
    This post resonates with me this week since I felt God nudging me to apologize to someone at work for a response that wasn't the best way I could have reacted. My colleague was so gracious and it made me think that these situations are times to learn, regroup and respond, just as you've shared! I hope November brings lovely things to you to replace a difficult October! :)

    1. Valerie, I'm glad that went so well for you. Usually apologies are received well (at least for minor offenses). They make people know we care and aren't too proud. They disarm. I use that card a lot. I'm glad it worked out for you! It never fails that when I am extremely irritated or not wanting to see a person in my sphere, I ALWAYS DO. Like its going to happen for sure and I better smile and be kind. Hope you have a beautiful week too!

  4. Amen! None of us would choose the pain and redirection, but it is always best!


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