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Five Minute Fridays : Leave

We've scaled October for beauty (it has been) and it's also been an arduous one.
We've made it to the last day.  The kiss good bye that is sticky sweet with candy corn, a million kitkat wrappers, and colorful trick-or-treators. October 31, Halloween.
I'm joining Kate Motaung at Five Minute Fridays to pause for five minutes and just write, about one word Leave......

I tried this month to type out 31 reasons why my life is full, full of joy.  Like a five minute journal of thankfulness.  I think I ended up logging in about 17.  Not too shabby for me, yet not complete.
Today as I leave this stream of gratitude (but never want to end it), I think I should let you in on a story.  It's a good one.  Why I decided to call October, Offer Joy.  Why those 2 words?

Three Autumns ago I along with many devoured Voskamp's 1000 Gifts and despite all the imagery could not leave the idea of keeping running journals of thankfulness to God.  It's therapeutic, it's joyous,…

Coffee for Your Heart

It's Wednesday and October is almost gone,  All those beautiful sun drenched afternoons, orange tipped trees, and long sleeved days have clicked by so quickly.
That always makes me sad.  I can safely say that November means cooler weather and dimmer skies.
I'm linking up with Holley Gerth's  Coffee for Your Heart

I tried this month to keep a gratitude counting.  One day for a month; however, after 13 days I fell flat.  It wasn't that I had nothing to thank God for.  It was simply that I didn't have the time or rather the heart to do so.  I had to pick it back up again. But this month stung a little. If I'm honest.  I found myself having to do some heart work that I never envisioned having to do.

I'm back in the saddle of thanksgiving and today I'm thanking God for something I normally wouldn't.  I'm thanking God for the ways He makes us face people and circumstances that we'd rather run from.  There are people in my life that I want to r…

Offer Joy: Third Girl

So after a messy almost two weeks I'm back in the saddle.

I had meant to count 31 blessings in my life and fill October with thanksgiving and joy; however, I stumbled, fumbled, lost count.

What better way to regroup than the birthday of my baby girl?

I've always heard it said about the baby.  How your heart melts a little quicker, a little more.
How you can't help but linger longer, cradle the baby moments close.
It's true.
I feel it when I hold her.  I want to cherish all those sweet baby moments, prolong them, savor them.

I've been through second birthdays with my other two girls and they were sweet and oh so special; but as the days of September rolled fast into October and Friday dawned cloudless and jeweled blue I could not help but think in amazement, "Two is already here."
I felt like time marched so much more slowly with my older girls, but decided to sprint fast with this chocolate eyed baby of mine.

Third girl has always been a blessing.  Al…

Five Minute Fridays - Dare

Its a special day for our family.  The baby's birthday.  So had to believe 600 and more days have clicked away since we first beheld her face.
Today I'm joining a flashmob of writers at Heading Home for five minutes of writing about one word...

Its funny that this would be the word.  I have not felt very daring as of late.  Questions, doubts, and confusion have hung like storm clouds low to the earth.  Like June humidity bearing down and making it hard to think.
Satan always knows what he can touch in our lives that will send us reeling.  He knows those outskirt issues in our lives that still fester, have never quite healed.  He remembers them even when I forget them.
Recently i had them nettled, prodded again.
I felt them sting.
It had been a while.  But I was brought back to the realization that some thorns in our flesh are there for a reason.  I've prayed Paul's prayer before that they would be removed and quick.
And some are removed and we celebrate the vic…

Offer Joy: 31 Days to Full

It's day 11 of my challenge to uncover 31 gifts lying hidden in my life this October.  To see how full my life really is.

Saturday said, "Hello," with drizzle and cool fall temperatures.  It was the kind of day to stay tucked away in the warm.
We did not stay inside though.  We were headed to a Barn Party.  A sweet family or families from our church were celebrating harvest time and opening up their barn and wallets in love and hospitality.  I had never been to one.  The date had been on my calendar for several weeks.  When I woke up to the Autumn rain, I second guessed it.

But around lunch time with growling tummies we headed out to the barn.
We drove down the country roads with the thick comforter of gray clouds leadening the sky.
Trudging on a mix of mud, grass, and cow leftovers we made our way to the full barn.
People set on bales of hay lining the barn covered with patchwork quilts. Others set drinking colas out of glass bottles in portable chairs.  All smiles.

Five Minute Fridays : Care Packages

It's Friday,
10 Days into my challenge to write 31 gifts I've found nestled in between the days that I cross off on my October calendar.  Days flying by so fast.
I'm linking up Kate at Five Minute Fridays and writing for Five Minutes about this word
CARE ....

Five Minute Fridays (check out all the five minute friday writers at this site)


This word flickered across the screen and I drew a blank.  Care..hmm... I care...I care about?...
And then the words switched on, sizzled like a neon sign glowing in the dark of night...
In my mind Care instantly met her best friend package.  So I'm joining care with package.
Care package.

I went off to college 11 years ago one steaming August.  I remember the clothes I pulled out to wear on my first day ( I remember and cringe - camo skirt and black adidas clogs.)
I remember the new haircut I had to go with my new phase of life.  Off chopped the long gold I had always worn and now a wispy, messy bob.  I had said good bye to s…

Offer Joy, 31 Days to Full

It’s already the 8th day of October and I’m 8 days deep in my 31 days of offering joy for the gifts in my life.The ones noticed and unnoticed.That I might realize how full my life already is. It’s also Wednesday that means I am linking up with Coffee for Your Heart at Holley Gerth’s encouraging site.

We listen to songs through out our days.It always amazes me how a child instantly smiles bigger and sings louder when the music belts out of little kid voices.Those songs that sometimes drive me and any other adult crazy speak the language kids need and want.Things can be going south fast in our car or our day, but fish out the kids praise songs or simply the silly educational songs and tears dry and frowns smooth. As a part of our girls’ education we are listening to new songs.Songs about important historical events, math songs, and English grammar rules. This concept works and translates facts into jingles you cannot irradiate from your brain. I’ve heard my husba…