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Offer Joy: 31 Days to Full

Offer Joy: 31 days to Full

I’m tiptoeing over keys, literally and figuratively here in the dark late September night.  I’m gingerly pressing abc’s while I hear my loved ones dream snoring.
I’ve decided to try this 31 days writing challenge posed by the Nester and specifically the five minute challenge by Kate Motaung.

This is my fourth autumn,  post Ann Voksamp. (is that a new time frame? :) 
My life after I have learned the value of a gift list. After I read through her words and the cataracts of pessimism started to peel off from my eyes into a different lens to see the world with,  my world.  
I had wanted to read it again. The Autumn brings me back to it. Now just like pumpkins, corn mazes, and crisp October skies, this idea of lifetime joy brought to me by gratitude are gifts that come with Autumn.  
Like a yoyo that is artfully reeled in when it comes almost unraveled. I need this. 
 This re- remembering in my life again of what being full of thanks looks like.  I have to tell myself again, why.  Why it is so necessary to joy, life, and peace.  Why it is the only way to empty a cup full of me and my dark doubts and worries and hold it up to the light so I can fully see just how full He's already filled it with Himself.  How His love has run free, full, and wild down my life cup and I had not noticed.  I hadn't realized the love shower that I stood in and the extravagant love puddles dripping down the minutes of my days.  

I whispered it to my husband.  I told him I wanted to crack open the cover and share it with someone again this year.  He listened like always. I always share books I love.  
Sometimes God answers us quite specifically and clearly in the form that we wanted.  I was given the opportunity to read it again with a group of women and my smile curved delight as I accepted the offer.  I would get to remember again with others.  I would get to walk through these life questions down a trail that brings fullest joy by the joy of Jesus Himself.  

When I was trying to come up with a topic for what I would pound the keys out for five minutes a day for 31 days I finally settled upon the idea of 31 offerings of joy.  31 joy gifts that I have found tucked into my life and opened each day in October. As I go through this book once again,  I elaborate for five minutes or so on one gift a day.  Won't I feel all the richer when October ends? 

So my offer of joy today is the book resting dog eared, highlighted, bookmarked, and scribbled and some what tattered... 
1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I wonder what new ones I can add to my list this year? What ones I've been looking at all year long and never rose to the surface of my own recognition...
What about you?  What's one joy you've almost missed but refuse to this time? 

I realize that this topic is hardly original, but then most of the themes that God impresses upon our hearts are the anthems He wants all of us, all the world to sing loudly.  I'm sure that thankfulness is one of them and I'm happy to follow the lead of someone else.  


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