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Offer Joy: 31 Days to Full

Offer Joy: 31 days to Full
I’m tiptoeing over keys, literally and figuratively here in the dark late September night.I’m gingerly pressing abc’s while I hear my loved ones dream snoring. I’ve decided to try this 31 days writing challenge posed by the Nester and specifically the five minute challenge by Kate Motaung.

Five Minute Friday Hold

It's time for five minutes of writing with Kate at The word is Hold.

Holding.  I do a lot of that these days.  I've been doing that for six years now.  Seven Septembers ago I remember standing stock still, thunderstruck feeling the first utero kick.  I guess I had somehow never acknowledged the flutters.  My initiation was a hardy kick and I can still remember where I was standing at my old job when I first felt it. The way my face beamed amazement as I walked back up to my wing at the nursing home I worked at.  My utter shock that a living being was somersaulting inside me.  Its an amazing feeling.  One that makes me so glad I am a woman.

For all those nine months and two pregnancies after that my skin has stretched out and safely held three babies.  Despite the fact that my outer appearance is less beautiful, I have seen it multiply from me as I have held literal life beauty within me.  I'm a different beautiful, because I've been full of beau…

Five Minute Fridays - Ready

Five Minute Fridays Ready

Feet scamper excitement across the carpet as four legsyoung and two legs not –so-young rush to find a place to hide.I watch as my mom squeezes into tight places with my girls.I can hear their breath and almost feel the little kid thrill they feel as they wait for grand-dad to find them.After grand dad has counted he always calls out into the quiet, “Are you ready?” Two little girls and one grandma echo, “Hoo- hoo” like three owls hidingin a night time tree top. The game has begun.If grand dad doesn’t find them quickly another, little girl voice trills out, “Hoo-hoo”.It’s the sound trail the seeker can follow. He always finds them.And every time they squeal joy when they are found.
It’s time for another round.In fact just tonight as we made our weekly visit to their house, my four year old informed me that fifty two rounds would be played. (Not quite). “Are you ready?” It’s that question that we call out to our kids weekly, daily, hourl…

Love Languages

That quick phrase - love languages - now has become common.  Dr. Gary Chapman's book, The Five Love Languages listed the different love languages. Described how we all speak love a certain way and receive love sometimes a different way.  Dr. Chapman described ways that you can break through communication barriers with those you love simply by learning to speak with the correct tongue.

I remember easily identifying my languages as words of affirmation. I know that to be true immediately.  It always has been.  If i think back to the most important moments of my life, they have always been sweet, joyous, or painful due to the words that shaped them.
I have boxes and boxes of cards I have saved from friends that scrapbook my life.  I pull these out a couple times a year and get lost in the memories, joy, humor, and mileposts that these hallmark stamped letters represent.  If i was a collector of anything or a would be cards and books.  Of course b…


Five Minute Friday Whisper

It's Friday.  We've made it!  Another week of work, school, and play is now almost gone....And this took me longer than five minutes.  The word kind of ran a way with me.

The word is whisper....

He had his crisp brilliantly white tuxedo jacket off, draped over a deck chair.  The blue silk of his vest a perfect contrast to the deep brown of his eyes.  I was wrapped in his arms as we made trails in his parents deck and danced with a canopy of ink and stars winking down at our young love.
It had been the night of my junior senior banquet.  My now husband had hatched a plan to give me a real dance.  Our school did not dance.
So after the banquet was over we went to his parents house for a dance that I will always remember.
I remember how he led me around the deck, excited like a young boy and my eyes blinked big as I heard the music playing full of oh so cheesy love songs and the rails wrapped in Christmas lights.
He extended me …