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Love It, Before It Leaves

Linking up with Holley Gerth's Coffee for Your Heart.  Her post today was so encouraging,
Here's what I've got on this beautifully clear Wednesday.....

I love Dunkin Donuts coffee.  Because of all the special flavors.  The Coconut.  I love coconut anythings (except coconut water).  I love the Autumn flavors like the Pumpkin Spice.
Last year my husband came home from the store with a bag filled with pumpkin spice flavored coffee and I was delighted.
Theres a little phrase scrolled on the top of the coffee package that declares this flavor won't be around too long, "Love it Before It Leaves". The coffee bag reads.
And I take heed.  I know it will not be around too long.
As soon as leaves tinge scarlet and swap their green for amber gold it will arrive somewhere on my grocery aisle.  Then it will soon be ousted and off until next year as Autumn whispers by.
I like the phrase, Love it Before It Leaves.  
I feel like all of life can take a lead from these five simple words.
Especially me.
I like to dream, right? And most of the time the actuality of those dreams do not match up to the aforementioned dream.  But thats okay it gets me going, moving, hoping.
However many times it causes me to jump into a new chapter or season before I'm ready and done with the one I'm in.  I guess it could really be called simply, 'antsy-ness'.
This is an every season predicament for some of us.
November isn't even gone and we are drumming up Christmas lists, hanging wreaths, and baking cookies.  We are rushing on Christmas because we are excited.
We itch for Spring in the depths of icy January and slow dark February.  We rush outside with the first  warm spring breath to blow March across our faces.  We cheer on the crocuses that try to make their arrival and assure us it's almost spring.
We can't wait for school to be out and summer vacation to start as May melts into June.  By July we are hearing people complain about summer vacation and bored kids making remarks that, "I'll be glad when school starts."  And sadly it starts a couple weeks before August even has a chance to be herself, summer.
As the August summer cooks us all done, you hear people lamenting the heat and promising to be content as Fall chills the earth down and hands us a glass of apple cider and gives us autumn glory to watch.
Now I am a part of all of this.  I agree about wanting to jump into spring especially, but sometimes like that country song says, "I'd settle for a slow down."
All this life sprints on whether we want it to or not and all this skipping to the next leaves me missing some things I could've enjoyed, could've loved, could've found beautiful.
This week was a perfect opportunity for me to 'skip' on to the next phase.
All the kids we know have went back to school.  (I homeschool the girls).
If you are a homeschooler you have some first year end of summer eagerness to wrestle open those new books and start your journey.
But I just couldn't do it.
I wanted to start with September and not rush over our last week of summer.  Especially because I had the choice.
One day I started to.  I brought out the books, but I heard a whisper in my head say, "Somer, you promised the girls you would wait." And so I firmly shut them and went on to whatever else we had found to do.  It can wait.  I can wait.

So this week we are loving summer before she leaves
With one more dip in the almost alpine cold pool....
With a few more trips to the park in the summer sun....
With late morning snuggles and pajamas...
With visits to grandmas...
With picnics.....
With free time and ironing board tents (it actually did make a decent tent)
With the option of no schedule and just what we think up....
We are loving it before it leaves and it almost is gone....

We are so like that about life seasons too.
I know so many people in different seasons, transition seasons.
It is hard to be content in a season that you know is hovering on exit.  Those days filled with,
 "I cannot wait to..."
My sister is in one of those again.  She's in between jobs and planning a wedding.  Putting in job applications, praying, hoping, planning, and I know she's tired of all the 'ifs'.
We discussed this the other day during 'quiet time' as we snatched twenty minutes of uninterrupted talking, "Faith I'm glad you're here again." I smiled at her despite the situation that she'd rather have all figured out.
She smiled too.
I'm in my own transition almost season of trying to sell a house and then find a new one in a new area.
 I looked out the window to my neighbor's house.  "We have so much to be thankful for."
She smiled back and nodded.  We both know my twenty five year old neighbor is life fighting slammed with the diagnoses of advanced pancreatic cancer and he has only known three weeks.
It's funny how we are talking in August about a May wedding and He's savoring each day because he isn't promised Christmas.  It sifts out the grumbling and makes thankfulness form a lump in your throat.  We are so thankful.
Love the season, whatever it is before it leaves.  Because it surely will. There's so much beauty to find here.

End of Summer Day Trip


  1. Somer,
    What beautiful girls you have! I absolutely love this post about what you're savoring now yet looking forward to the future -- it's one of those contrasts that we find puzzling, isn't it? It's hard to find the balance. Even though I'm eager to move out of my difficult seasons, I know God teaches me beautiful things there if I open my heart and welcome what he's showing me. Loved these words!

    1. Valerie, I agree its puzzling :) Thank you for stopping by and now I'm off to read what you have to say this week!

  2. LOVING summer all. year. long! and especially trying to squeeze in a little more "summer" before September since my most favorite season got eclipsed this year with all the busyness surrounding the sale of our home and moving. Your three girls are beautiful. I raised three boys into men. And the photo is great. Reminds me of Watkins Glen in upstate New York. ENJOY and thanks for sharing.
    ~Sheila at Longings End

    1. WOW! 3 boys! that's quite a feat. I think I have the easier job. I hope your life gets a little calmer as you settle into your new home. Thank you for stopping by :)

  3. Finding you today was providence. You brought joy into my heart. Yellow is my favorite color and it is shining at me as I speak as I look at your page. It is a joy to find someone with an affinity to coconut like myself, ( and while I love everything coconut I dislike coconut water,too), and as a homeschooler it is a blessing to be able to enjoy that last week of summer. Take it slow.. enjoy the beauty of the moment. I am with you.. we rush to much and sometimes we just need to love it before it leaves. :)
    Bless you!

    1. Dawn, well i'm glad the bright colors brightened your day :) I guess we agree on all points here. Why is coconut water so gross ? yikes! thank you for the time you took to read and the sweet words you left me :)

  4. I know I struggle with loving something or someone while it is there. Too often I want what is next, because it must be better, right?
    Enjoy your week!

  5. Such wise advice. A beautiful post.

  6. Somer,
    I had to come back to tell you that I loved the word coffee contraption you coined when you commented on my post -- so wish I had thought of that! Thank you friend, for your comments every week! You have a gift of being thoughtful and encouraging!


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