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Five Minute Fridays #Reach

Its Friday, and its first high school football of the year tonight :) i'm excited!  I've got one snuggling next to me while I link up with Five Minute Fridays with Kate
The word is Reach.


Recently my girls, husband, and sister took an afternoon to go to a local cave.  It was exciting.  For the four and six year old and even for us around thirty.  It was brilliantly bright outside and as we descended into the mouth of the cave following our tour guide we were met with the natural air conditioner that is the underground.  The deeper we walked into the cave the cooler we got.  I had not thought to bring jackets so we did a bit of shivering.  It felt good though. Refreshing.
"Look, Meredith," I pointed back to the small opening that we were quickly walking from as the gold light was swallowed by our downward descent until it was going, gone.
My ever attentive sister had on sneakers my mom had given me(those she would never normally wear) and a kiddie backpack for the girls.  She was clutching the girls small girl hands tightly as we weaved our way through the labyrinth.
Stalactites, stalagmites, dripped the rhythm they've pounded out for years and I could not help but be amazed that even here in this belly of the dark rock earth God's finger were there.  He had delighted in this dark unknown all by Himself, creating the alleghany river rats (i'm glad we didn't see any) and bats that cocoon in this cave.
My sister told me at one twist in the cave's infrastructure, "I'm having mini heart attacks."  I knew she was anxious to get back up top into the bright light of day.  I would be too.
The last stop in the tour was the furtherest we had been.  The tour guide asked us all permission to turn off the lights.  I saw a few tight smiles, but the majority agreed and the tour guide asked us all to put our hands in front of our faces.  My baby girl cradled against my husband buried her head deep and didn't make a peep as the deep, total darkness engulfed us all.  You could not see anything in front of your face.  Not the four year old's bright blonde hair I was holding, not the fingers centimeters in front of your face.  Nothing.  It was total, complete darkness.
The brief light's out ended and momentary relief flooded the little girls and bigger girls like my sister and I too.
We started our long ascent back to the mouth of the cave.
Statements were made as we climbed, "What would you do if all the lights went out?"  "How would you get out?"  "Well, you might...."
But we all knew. In that deep utter darkness with drop offs and no sense of direction there would be no hope.  The light was the only way to navigate that cave.  It would be hopeless.
I had brief thoughts of our lostness as humanity with out the light and love of God.
We can reach this way and that, reach all that we may can, reach and stretch until we can break but nothing works until the True Light of Jesus transforms us and Lights our way out of the dark cave of our lives.  Without Him our life is dark and grim and ending in darkness always groping but never finding satisfaction.
As we got to gravels that littered the path from the mouth of the cave back to the wooden planked structure where we would enter back into sunlight I walked fast.  "We are almost there girls."
We all smiled at our adventure, glad we had been and glad it was over.
There are a million ways you could turn and things you can reach out to, but there is only one that will take you Home.  Only One Hand to grip that will transform us from dark cave dwellers to children of the Light.
Auntie and Nieces : Cave Conquerors 


  1. So well written and so completely true. Great story:)
    From Kate Motaung's FMF

  2. Love how you weave in a story to show, instead of just telling.

    Glad to be linking up again!

    1. thanks Liz. I love stories. thanks for taking the time to read

  3. I've been in a really dark cave too in Pennsylvania. Love them. They turned the lights out for us. It doesn't get darker in the real world. My heart can be like that. I'm so glad God shines his light in there.

  4. you are right, t doesn't get any darker. all our hearts can be like that. your post was very brave this week.

  5. 'There are a million ways you could turn and things you can reach out to, but there is only one that will take you Home.'

    This here, these words, Summer ... wow. What a powerful punch they pack. Thank you for speaking truth!

    Weekend's sweetest blessings ...

  6. It's frightening to be in total darkness. So glad with the light of Jesus we never have to be! Thanks for sharing, Summer! (Connecting through Holley Gerth's blog.)


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